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i sincerely think this shirt is amazing. i love it. 5's all around.

M Malloy

It shouldn't be so squarish.


The fingerspelling at the top might be a little off. It looks like "aired" right now. If it's supposed to be "tired" the thumb needs to come up between the index and middle fingers on the first letter.

But it's still fun to look at.


yes i agree, i dont think it should be so square, maybe if it flowed from the side or the shoulder. otherwise, its pretty hip.


i wanted it to read like a squarish it must be! thanks for the comments though! next time i'll try it more....un-squarish.


as for the sign language...i referenced a sign language chart....but crap, i don't know.... I'm no expert... I'll fix it if I'm wrong... thanks!




This is really cool. I'm pissed.

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yeah this is pretty damn good


please keep submitting
and don't stop.


Verr cool.


yes, that sign language says "aired". shouldn't be too hard to fix.


Oh it's quite cool but so crowded on a little place! On ly 4 for me


this "t" is so cool....awesome needs to keep submitting for sure! If you only knew this talented guy at Awesome you would know he is definitely "NOT SQUARISH"!


I absolutely love all of your work, on and off t-shirts. Your style and the way you work OUTSIDE of the computer is AWEOSOME :). I've actually seen some of your work in the past, but did not know who the artist was. Nice to meet you. I hope one of your designs gets printed.


too squarish, but I like the drawings


very nice. 5




haha that's awesome! i want it i want it! it is a bit squarish, but i'd wear it anyway, because it's too cool. $5!


I think I'm in love.


While I think this is a clever shirt, it does kinda break the first and only rule in a Hearts Threadless contest and that is the design needs to stand alone. Unless you're familiar with the song, you won't get the shirt. I'm sorry, but I'm gonna give it a 2, mostly for the good drawing. Maybe if you applied the concept to a more familiar song?


i think this shirt stands alone just fine. devpd is a retard. How could a shirt that depicts every lyric of the song....not stand alone? The contest was to design a shirt for the video ...and the "rules" say "The design is not required to say "Shout Out Louds" on it... in fact,WE'D PREFER IT DOES NOT" that being said, this shirt is a direct visual representation of the SONG! i give it a 5 $....and "2" smacks for devpd.


I agree with allupinthecutlikewhat, I can’t see how this shirt doesn’t stand alone. Its an almost word for word illustration, taken directly from the lyrics of the song this whole competition is about. If anything, i think this shirt is by far a better representation of the band, and the song, than the majority of the designs that have been submitted. Did devpd accidentally post his comment on the wrong design? Lets call that a comeback.


im not sure about how the images are placed all together like that but you are quite brilliant i think. you did a good job of being creative and original with your references to the lyrics i like it


If everyone's done quoting the rules, here's a rule you neglected to include:
"The purpose is to create a design INSPIRED by the theme."

This is a shirt that just regurgitates the theme. It's not inspired by it. In fact, it doesn't even have a theme. It's just a rewriting of the lyrics in graphic form.

Also, does anyone know what "stand alone" means? It means that YOU SHOULDN'T NEED TO KNOW THE SONG TO UNDERSTAND THE T-SHIRT! That's the whole point.

Plus, calling me a retard kinda lowers the credibility of your opinion a bit.


this devpd is wack. i have no clue what hes talking about. this shirt stands alone, and i think it is very much inspired by the song. its like a visual poem, or an artist's take on the song. its not word for word, nor is it "regurgitated". 5 for me. stop your yack'n.



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Obviously if you listen to the band you will get the shirt !!! Why would people on threadless buy a shirt to support a band just because the design is good. Jeezz .. stand alone or not, this is an awesome job.


this shirt is effing rad!!


The images seemed a little jumbles, but I really like this song and the shirt that you made to xcorrespond with it. Unless you knew the band and their music, no one would really know what was going on here. Thanks for providing the video too.


if this doesn't win, i'd definitely be very disappointed.





amazing. threadless is dumb not to print this one!


I agree that it shouldn't be so square-like. Otherwise, It's amazing and I would totally buy it.


nothing wrong with square. $5


whats with the "does not stand alone" crap. whatever man.. i don't even like the song that much and i'd wear this shirt. i think its clever and pretty amazing. much better then something that has Shout out louds typed across it. if i were in that band i'd feel priviledged to have such a rad shirt.
good work captain awesome.
i think you are consistantly impressive.


this and the avocado soup shirt have to win or i will stand nude in protest. those who would like to join me, i'll be outside of the wal-mart supercenter on september 15.


Dude this is awesome, and i totally agree that devpd is wack. What I most agree with is the admiration of superb work which this so clearly is

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