• by Javi G
  • posted Aug 18, 2005

my 5th post and i hope you like it!

i have tried to do something different! something opposite to my regular "cartoon" style!

this shirt is about a concept: everything comes back!

i kindly request your appreciated comments and suggestions.

Watch this
nice day for a murder

i really like this...trees are suck amazing and beautiful things, and the shirt has a great concept behind it. i'd buy.


this is great great great! i would guess you would not need the type, but it does not detract from it


This would be the most shitting shirt without the text. It looses all wit and meaning. People who hate text just because its text are mind fucks. Keep the text.


This is a wonderful shirt. I think you need the text. So you should leave it. The text explains it all.


make the autumn ground the same color as the leafs
still nice the way it is tho... 5$


these trees look really squished


Sorry, but the text does ruin it. It's like someone who explains the punchline of a joke, when you got it to begin with. Lose it, and I'd buy it.


I like it, and I like the text.

morbidboy profile pic Alumni

I really do like this shirt... I just think it too much on one shirt


I love this design. Look, there are a lot if simpletons out there, like myself, who will look at the shirt sans text and say, "Oh look, trees. Yay..." But if you have the text on there, they say "Oh look, trees. 'The Comeback?' Oh, I get it! What a cool shirt!"

You see? Keep the text.


The text could work better in a different font,
and thne placed underneath the last tree could make it work better.
but the font def. needs to be there, just different somehow.


I think this iz kool and the text makes it better... Id buy it but probably not without the text


I like the retro layered effect on the leaves and trees, but my main concern is that women with ample bosoms won't be able to display the winter scene.


the text is good, but the font is horrible. also, i'd put it so it was on the ground with the last tree, maybe the dark green or the orange instead of the white.

Fl5 Cowboy

shouldn't the autumn tree have less leaves? just an idea.

pretty cool though.

Javi G
Javi G profile pic Alumni

hey fl5 cowboy! i also like exclamation marks and lack of capital letters!!!
thank you very much for all your comments! yes, maybe the autumn ground should be yellow! so doesn't the comeback's font work!?


the font works, just give me the shirt damn it!


good concept, make it smaller


Good idea. It's very creative. I do think the autumn ground should be yellow, like you suggested. The font is nice, it fits. It's cute.

I'd buy it.


I like it!

What about putting them next to each other?

X | X
X | X

Like that?


another disposition will be better no ?


amazing. don't change anything. 5$


I really like the idea!

Also, that drawing style is pretty sweet.

Javi G
Javi G profile pic Alumni



I LOVE! Oh man I would totally buy this. And not one, but like five to give to my friends, too. Haha.



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