The deep yellow would KO to the tee color, so the 4 unique colors would be White, Light Yellow, Deep Orange and Purple.

Watch this
travis76 profile pic Alumni

hey silvia saint! of my faves!
good colors, good vectoring-the neck could be less tendony and in shadow (i know that's how it was)
my wife would wear it.

travis76 profile pic Alumni

ps- when i saw the lips thumb i knew it had to be marilyn or silvia.
that's what i get fro working at a porno shop for a couple years...


seriously?=? this sucks big time..if i could, i would give you minus5.


Is she having an orgasm? lol. I like the colors and the drawing. Nicely done.

@emmi, you can't be serious. I just looked at your stuff and its hardly impressive, so where do you get off giving a comment like that? At first I thought... "Gotta be PMS... " But then I saw:

"Emma has been a member of Threadless since Nov 27 2004 and has scored 4625 submissions, giving an average score of 0.3070. "

And I realised that no on can have PMS for almost a year straight, so I realised you're just a troll who gives everyone low ratings. The kinda scum this community doesn't need, nor does it want... I believe in the rules, it says you are supposed to refrain from giving comments like that and give constructive criticism.


flippin beautiful illustration. however, i cant wear porn stars on my person- it will give me a rash. sorry.


i love the design, but i dont know who silvia saint is. well from the other comments i guess a porn star. cant say id wear it. but i love the design! so a 5


Love the design, but I'm not too sure that I'd wear it.


i think it's cute. i'd let my fiance' wear it. haha.
no reals. i give it a 5. gave you and extra point cuz it's yellow. =P


i like the colors alot


i love the image.
i love the colors.
but i would neverever wear an climaxing chick on my shirt ;)

ranch phone

oooh it reminds me to Paris Hilton sex tape, but other than that it's nice.. 4!


wow, this is really beautifully done. Great job. Oh and emmi, back off and quit being such a bitch.


I didn't know who it was, I thought it was Debbie Harry.
Nice illustration and colors, though.


nice shapes and colors but not this subject


its well done for what it is, but really can't imagine anyone wearing it.


Reminds me of the cover of the Christy report.


Use of the colors is great, but she looks a little cut off. Is there a way to blend her shoulders into the shirt a little more smoothly?


It's really, really wonderfully done, BUT I'd never wear this shirt.

Mango Pirate

I love how the image and colors blend with the shirt, but I'm not sure if I'd wear it ^_^;;;

Skipper6745 profile pic Alumni

Porn stars get no good scores from me.


Hmmmm, tough Crowd. I've gotta admit I'm having a tough time getting my finger on the pulse of the Threadless community. Seems like unless you have a balloon, clouds, a robot or a squirrel on your shirt ... it gets panned. There is really nothing pornographic about this design (?!) I can't believe a community of "creatives" would get so offended by something like this (?) Must be a lot of red-staters out there. It's a womans FACE for goodness sake (?!) Lighten up! Anyway, thanks for any of the the constructive criticism and feedback.


I don't think the people are offended (or maybe I just happened to skip over all the comments that claimed offence) it's just that a lot of people don't want to wear a porn star on their shirts.

The design is absolutely lovely, you did a great job.. The colours blend well. But it's just some porn star's face, and nothing is really happening.


Its not the fact that she's a porn star, its the fact that she's "busy". I can honestly say I could walk around with a shirt of a girl being pleasured. Its not about her being a porn star.


i think its cute id buy it cauyse its purdy


i love it. i would definitely wear this.


Fair enough. Point taken. Back to the drawing board.


I do not like the idea behind this. It's nicely done, but I'm sorry. It just is.... :/


I think it a great illustation, and not inappropriate. The colors are what makes it for me. My only improvement would be to finess the bottom of the illustration so it transitions into the shirt and not such a cut line like it was just cropped from some other image. It could also be a bit smaller.


I personally think it is beautifully done, I simply wouldn't wear it.


She doesn't have a very convincing orgasm face. She could give it some more. Haha. So I'd wear it because it's a gorgeous design and she doesn't look liek she's having a Big-O to me.


I'd wear one with paris hilton on it


nah x2


The picture is really nice, but not one I would wear on a t-shirt.


Lovely colours, lovely image - but not fit for a chick to wear, methinks. ;) Still, a 5, and I would buy it for a friend who's more daring.

Donnie J

I thought it was Paris Hilton too. I'd wear it - obviously not to work, but I'd still wear it out.


It looks better than Paris Hilton, but maybe Paris Hilton looks better w her eyes closed.


This is a beautiful woman and design. Sad to think that to so many she represents porn. She is sexy. But is that ALWAYS porn? It's possible more appealing to males. But it is not a shabby design.

However, loopdesign, your title suggests more than just beauty, don't you think?


Admeyer you are 100% correct ... and I completely regret going for the "cheap" title. I wish I had called it "dreaming" or "fond memory" or something along those lines...


how do people know czecch porno stars?!?!?!

4 love the color


i like it but it would be better if the graphic wasnt as big, and for guys, who most likely are scared to wear a gold tshirt, it would go better on a dark blue or charcoal even though the colors are great together


Please print, this shirt is doppppe.

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