Calling All Caws

Don't call it a comeback ...

Watch this

That's really really good. Here's to hoping you win man.


I really like the main bird and the illustrations with it but the white birds in the background are kind of overused in alot of submissions... i think this could stand alone without the other birds.. rock on, nice work.


This illustration is so nice and the integration of text is lovely. I do agree that the extra birds are unnecessary and I'd wear it if it were on a different color shirt.


yup, no extra birds.


put it on the same color green as that on their album and you've got a total winner!


Funny title. But I'm glad you didn't put it on the shirt - it's perfect the way it is.


God I hope you win! I am so smitten with this shirt! Crosses fingers Nice work!!!




good, but I also don't think it needs the birds in the background. would stand well without them.


great idea...hope you win as well.

I actually like the extra birds. The main bird is strong no doubt, but when you cover up the background birds [or otherwise remove them] the image looks incomplete.


Thanks for all the feedback. I think the green tee (as opposed to green tea) comment is spot on ... I'm pissed I didn't go that route. I don't really understand the etiquette on resubmissions? The rules clearly state not to do it ... but I see a LARGE number of resubmissions on the site??

RE: the extra birds, I agree it's kind of played out on a lot of shirts (if I see another palm tree shirt I might kill myself) but I think it completes the narrative here, adds another "layer" to the design, and is a nice spin on their existing logo. So I thought it kind of worked. Anyway thanks for the feedback just the same.


for resubmissions, i believe that they don't want you to submit the exact same design. shirt color is not a design change, so that would be a no go.

threadless chooses their own shirt colors a lot of the time anyway.


i think it would be waaay better without the white birds in the background....other than that, the design is pretty great!

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