A Room with a View

This was originally to be my submission to the Eisley contest, but it was only half done at the deadline. I finished it and thought I might as well submit it to the general contest.

I do have to note my original idea started from an illustration by one of my favorite illustrators, Rafal Oblinksi. The image is from <a href=\&quot;http://www.poster.com.pl/olbinski/arts-club.jpg\&quot;>a poster for the National Arts Club</a> a few years ago. A quick nod to shimala for okaying my using his pic in the submission, too.

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cshimala profile pic Staff

who's the goof with the giant adams apple?


This is surprisingly well done. I could really see this being printed.


Very nice!

mezo profile pic Alumni

This is amazing, graye. The best thing since your EdenTwoPointOh design! Muy caliente.


this is amaazing. ireally love this.


I actually checked to see if this was an Eisley entry. Beautiful work.




I love the style, colours, everything. It's so pretty. Great job.

loglow profile pic Alumni


Robsoul profile pic Alumni

very well done, brilliant use of color. the composition, detail and illustration as a whole is impeccable.

damn you! 5+$, obviously


This is excellent! You should screenprint that shit and sell posters. 5!


WOW!!! this one would sell super fast & i know i'd buy at least 15 copies!
5 + $ for sure!



Wonderful, I think it's better than Oblinski

Manos profile pic Alumni

I can clearly see that you spend so much time on this. It is such a great illustration.

_ So much detail to feast your eyes on.
_Smart. Floorboards become part of the dress', the wallpaper becomes the pattern of her tee and all that making out her shape in the middle of the circle.
_Very good use of colors and I so much like brown.
_emotional but not too much - almost nostalgic.

Shame that you didn't make the deadline you would probably got easily one of the 3 places.

Well done grayehound keep it up.

Mr Rocks
Mr Rocks profile pic Alumni

Nice one man. A real damn shane you didn't get this in the Eisley comp, but a real contender in the regular comp. $5 from me pal.


wow this is the best shirt ive seen so far!! 5$. id give it a 10 if there was one!
i want it...now!!


I can see this getting printed, grayehound. You're awesome man. Keep up the great work!


oh man.....very very nice


so so good, I have to have it! $5


Best shirt I've seen in a long time a must have


man, nice. WAAY outside the box. Graphic, but it takes a second to soak in the full design, awsome.

funkie fresh
funkie fresh profile pic Alumni

this is really well done...NICE!!!!


WOW!!!!!! 5$

Mango Pirate

Very pretty. The design is creative and smart :D


damn nice use of four colors.


took me a second to get that her skirt is the floor. I've never seen a hotter house!


wonderful !


Damn good!!

Beautiful. I NEED this shirt. If it doesnt print, i will have to concede the world really HAS gone mad.

Nice job..... when are you doing your next design?!! More like this please!


Brilliant. Is sooooooo hope this gets printed. I dont even know how anyone could see something wrong with this.


This is the best I have seen in weeks!!! $5 I really really really want this t-shirt!!!


Your design is so detailed. I want a poster of this, and a t-shirt.
I'll pay.


Very well done - Maybe a bit on the Kiddie side. Do a more adult version and I would buy. (3)

bortwein profile pic Alumni

Absolutely Amazing - I added this one to my "Shirts that Should Print List"

this is so 5money.


what exactly is your comment sherylj? is it "oh looky! also a tree and also a person! what a coinkydink!"

as stars burn

i love it, best submission so far. too bad you didn't get to submit it into the one you wanted, but i hope you get printed :)

slender fungus

yayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayay! i hope this wins so i can buy it and wear it!


YAY! I saw this as your user pic, and was hoping you'd submit it (eisley contest, or otherwise) excellent shirt! i Luv it :o)


Very pretty design, with an interesting twist - great job all around!


Lovely! The colors work so well together. I love the bird in the sky, then in the reflection of her skirt, and on the records. 5$$$$$. I am just in love with this...it is amazing.


This is really hot! (and I never say that.) Its really only 4 colors? Incredible. I would be very surprised if they didn't print this!


If they don't print this I'm going on a Threadless strike. If they don't know a totally awesome, kick-ass illustration when they see it, then I give up.

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