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lose the white swoosh thingie, everthing else is great... maybe they should all have their mouths open?


i agree, mouths open, but this is pretty cool i love this design, great idea


the 'white swoosh thingie' is a seagull i got off of their website. i kinda wanted to make the shirt a bit more 'personalized' so it'll relate more to the band. like for example, i made the wolves the logo on the mic stand and the whole 'very loud' thing. yeaaaaaaah, all of that ish. oh and plus, i've already seen the mic without the seagull in the background. i thought it kinda looked a tad boring. -shrugs- maybe that's just me. hmm and i'll look into making their mouths open...


hard to see that it is a seagull with a mic covering it . You're right it needs something else, but play around with it some more


i agree with the mooing person. :P i love it.


You're right (completely_hopeless) ..I agree that it'd look boring without the seagull. It actually balances out the design. I like the Shout Out Louds as well so i'd totally buy this shirt! It's wicked. If I were to give ANY suggestions i'd say, hm, maybe the chord? Either make it not as long..closer to the mic. Or you can even carry it onto the back of the shirt if that is at all possible? Kudos to you, though. Very well done.


Thanks for the comment and the suggestion, jumpoverthemoo. I didn't really think of making the chord shorter, but I did think about making it wrap around to the back of the shirt. I guess I would have to agree with you on making the chord shorter though. It'd look better.

Oh, and I thought things over with the whole "having their mouths open", but it wouldn't make sense since they aren't plugged in yet. :P Hmm, yeah, that's how I look at it.


now that ive looked at it the bird looks like the hollister bird :[


man leave the cord like that....either that or make it wrap around the back....but i love this shirt 8-)


I love it!! I'd buy it!! I give you a 5


i like how you made it so that only people who listen to the band will fully understand the design and text

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