"monk"series_catnb05_No undo in real life

  • by J-Ray
  • posted Aug 03, 2005

Undo? Bandaids? hmm.. it's pretty loud, although the font is kind of cool

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tunastar profile pic Alumni

crtl z is the same concept.


like the type (again).


to tunastar :

I always saw the " cntrl + z "design as saying,
" Wouldn't it be nice to have Undo in real life? "




ok, wait a minute....
not that i would condone using someone else's idea for your own design, but when one idea is represented in two (or more) entirely different ideas, i don't think its so bad.
the buyer, or just viewer, has the option to choose one or the other. if one is truely a better or worse design it will sell accordingly, and be voted for, or not. i've seen some of these, and in some cases, i would only buy one of the two designs, and maybe it will be the second representation.


i really like this. $5


i like it. i agree, many ways to express one thing. cute.

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Loose the text... not really. Really like this, just a bit too big.


too big


okay, it is too big, now that i look at it sober, thanks for the comments, good or bad.

jamie b

that's cute. i'd also say no ctrl z haha


Concept needs tweaking...
1) Blatant COPY of ctrl+z-- Why is everyone doing that?
2) Is "in real life" necessary?
3) Agree with the extreme loudness issue, but if the "in real life" was removed, the issue would most likely be solved. "in real life" could also be a smaller font, even a different one, perhaps script. You do not need to be able to read the shirt from a rocket ship in outerspace.
4) Red? I guess it goes with the theme...hmmm.

I'm in no way a professional artist...I'm still working on submitting one...but I'll just give you my two cents. Good idea, though.


would have been funnier with "no Ctrl+Z IRL"


I like it all. The size, the text -- nice and simple. Nice. $5.

Perudoesitbetterthanu profile pic Alumni

ya alot funnier with the "no ctrl + z irl" like emmi said ^. alot of people are trying different spins on the same idea...and its not working.


IRL stands for Ireland ^^....hahaha there is no undo in Ireland....chuckles Cool design, but too loud.


There was a concept JUST like this for the Used contest--same font, bandaids were used...


I like this :D I'd wear it :D

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