I got the Nuts

  • by ruen
  • posted Aug 03, 2005

For all you poker players out there!

Watch this

the poor bastard's just going to get outdrawn when the flop comes


cute balls. the lurch like eyes are freaking me out th0ugh.

Art is Hard

I have a sudden urge to kick it nuts.


my brother has a shirt just like that one that my mom got from Vegas...nice try though


haha, i agree 100% with themanmachine.


i agree with the manmachine.

would it be possible to put 5 cards out there to show the hold em community cards? that way we can know that the aces really are the nuts and that the squirrel isnt overvaluing them like so many amateurs do. i would suggest Ad Ks 2c 6h 9d. theres no possible straight, flush, or full house, so AA is really the nuts. its possible that this will ruin the shirt unless its done slickly.

you might also consider putting more graphical emphasis on the word "nuts". maybe a little more highlighting or something. not sure about that one, lets see if anyone else brings it up.


Who says the squirrel is talking about his cards?All he knows is that he's holding a big pair of nuts. He doesn't even know how to play hold'em, that's why his face is so confused. haha..lol. j/k. I'll see what I can do.


HAHAHA! LOL. Awesome!



would emphasize the word NUTS though..
and who holds their cards like that?
maybe put them like a V, if you know what I mean?

I would definitely buy this shirt a year ago! =))


change the aces to a lousy hand, like 8 5 offsuit, then hes got "the nuts" hanging..nice idea!


look at his eyes, children. look.
thats what happens if you play with your nuts.

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rofl manmachine.

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