Halo Kitty

The ultimate icon for a cross culture meeting of Eastern and Western tastes that...

nah, I just play alot of Halo, and this image popped into my head one day and I thought it'd make a great shirt. So, If you're a girl who plays video games, you're girlfriend plays video games, or you're a girl who's girlfriend plays video games this is perfect for you!

I left the title off the shirt because I don't like shirts with slogans and stuff on them, and I thought it would dumb down the design if it said Halo Kitty right below it. What'd you think?

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This one is rockin' da house!!!!

Great job magilla-da-killah.
I'd like to see the design on a navy blue shirt.


very cute. I'd buy it if the robot wasn't green. Maybe blue or grey?


i think that if it said halo kitty on it, it would be slightly more understandable. maybe put it in the visor so it's not as obvious?


ha ha ha so funny.


thanks, yeah I thought about puttin it in the visor, but I ran out of colors, tho lookin at it now, I do think it should be on the shirt somewhere.



i must have this shirt.


i'm a sucker for Halo

steamedbun profile pic Alumni

I love the idea for this shirt. I agree with videovexa about different colors for the body armor, although my fav. color is green


I would buy this so hard


I have the manliest Xbox live gamertag in history

Rambo McClane

I haven't got alot of time to play recently, but if I'm on, I'd love to add more people to my friends list.


i would but the living hell out of this shirt!!

while i did understand the "halo kitty" right away, it may actually look better with the words on there somewhere.. maybe even on the back near the neck? .. just not centered, for the love of god

nevertheless, $5 all the way


Oh my god!! im such a sad halo geek, my house mates have bullied me into loving it :) the cat should be red or blue tho hahaha. I would def buy this and so would my twin 5&£££


I require this shirt SO HARD.

And don't put Halo Kitty under it. I like it just the way it is.


This design on a pink girly shirt would be the best shirt ever.

I don't think it needs "Halo Kitty" anywhere, but I'd so totally buy it either way.



that, has got to be the best shirt ive ever seen. im a female gamer on xbox, mostly halo 2 and I WANT THAT SHIRT!!! + or - halo kitty, i would buy it.

it looks fabulous. i want the pink one, hehehe

good job magilla-da-killah. haha, i want it :-) and i would advertise it on our girl gamer site, pmsclan.com HALO KITTY!!!!


haha pmsclan, Mercury34 get the whole clan to sign up and vote and there's a free shirt in it for ya with my store credit if I end up winning!

what? it's not THAT shameless, is it?


AWESOME design and great concept! I would totally buy it!


thanks, I thought Halo was an American game, made by bungie in California somewhere, that's why I called it western, tho I'm sure it's got fans all over the world.


Oh wow, I really like this.
If I played Halo, I'd pick it up in an instant.
Maybe a little bigger?

Shut up Richard!

846,478,420,119,371,994,666,078 words (1) NO x 846,478,420119,371,994,666,078


My cousins play Halo all the time...and I love Hello Kitty...and Red vs. Blue. :-)


I would so buy this for my friend who loves halo <3


dude yess so tizzown. u got the suit in cyan?


Oh. My. God. <3

No, really. Holy crap. I would wear this all the time. Though I'd like the idea of having 'Halo Kitty' under it, in a similar script to the game itself. If that makes sense.

Oh man. $5 is an understatement.


This is awesome.

My best friend loves hello kitty and her brother loves halo.
This has to be the most perfect thing I have ever seen!!!!!!!


This is so genius! Gotta have it!!! placement could be a little better, maybe lower right corner or something, to totally awesome!!! :)


GREAT SCOTT RAMBO, YOU"VE DONE IT AGAIN!! lmao, dude i want your hott body lol..sry, eh man i want your shirt too ..think i can get owners discount...j/p anyways, I gives you a 5 for effort, a 5 for style, and a 5 for...dead sexxy? sure why not...anyways, its going in my closet when those remaining days are up..along with a few other shirts on this site.. :O~~~ Halo...Kitty..its like video game porn but on a shirt?! cool beans man, two thumbs up and a tip of the hat too you my friend!


Word on the street is giving this shirt a 5 means your not a psycho killer. So do the right thing, vote 5 and don't be a psycho killer.

/Needs this shirt.


hahaha Halo Kitty. Maybe I'm just corny but that's funny.

lenaaa xp

LMAO!! hecka funny. x]


funny idea but i wouldnt wear it


ok even if this doesn't get printed, i want one anyway... print one up at a local print shop??? or sell me the "rights" and i promise i'll print only one for me... because i MUST have this shirt... it's to die for...


Who cares where Halo was made. The shirt is a good idea. My boy roger would love it!! I love it!!!


good concept, though its not my style. still give you a 4 for effort!!


AWESOME. I might even wear the pink version, and I'm allergic to pink. Keep up the good work, and submit some more!


5 for originality


Best. Laugh Ever (or so far, anyway). You gotta include the text with the picture, though, IMO.


sah-weet! that is so great! i think the text would add to the humor, but either way, its so great.



Yeah, it would be sweet if Halo Kitty was inconspicuously included somehow. But not like a title, I agree that that is stupid.


hmm, I don't know if I can alter the design at all once it's posted, but maybe if it said halo kitty in the same pink type on the left sleeve, so that it's on the shirt, and out of the way.


I'm surprised no-one else knows that this concept is OLD... over at worth1000 there's been many a halo parody like this.

still, if you did come up with it independantly of that, i guess it's all cool!

and you did execute the concept well :)


I like the idea, but I think the drawing needs to be less detailed to look like the Hello Kitty style. 4

Paul Ostryzniuk

If this doesn't get printed then I want you to email me the design, I'll make my own! Fantastic!


Time for another zero


Haha!! Very cute idea.

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