what are the top and top left symbols?

Watch this

Corrosive and explosive. (that's what I think, anyways)

I think the corrosive symbol should be in a position that will allow it to be upright (and thus more "readable") Maybe swap places with the nuclear symbol. Also, might I suggest the biohazard symbol instead of the exclamation mark? Just a thought.

do you know fokt?

I think you should research wayfinding a bit more and hang out at powerplants at night. You could easily have a lightning bolt for high voltage, or simply show the railroad crossing sign. (US version with the RR and an x on a yellow circle). These symbols are just as much about warning as the others and they are much more recognizable and legible. It's an interesting idea though.


too too big -might look ok if reduced greatly in size and stuck on the pocket area


pyro's dream tee


too bad these are all photoshop brushes

copyright infringement

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These are not Photoshop Brushes. They are internationally recognized warning signs.


erm, yeah... I don't think Adobe invented these symbols.

"Thanks Adobe, now we can warn people this is flamable... it will save so many lives"


i have brushes on my photoshop that are these EXACT designs.
same exact triangle width and all.

Like if i take one and cover one from this shirt, it lines up exactly.
And a little too exactly for him to have hand vectored or drawn it.

Whoever made this just took the brushes and stamped em

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I didn't use Photoshop brushes, I don't have those and can't find them in my version of PS CS2. (And why would using a Photoshop brush be infringement anyway?)

What I started with was a font called Warning Pi. Had to redraw the triangles in Illustrator since the existing were not Equilateral. I could be wrong, but I don't think using a font on a shirtdesign is infringement. Plenty of shirts here use fonts. Is a stop sign copyrighted?


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