Walking my animals.

  • by Piercen
  • posted Jul 30, 2005

Animals like to be outside.

Watch this

lol... i like it (especially the turtle and the goldfish) but its not something i would buy/wear.

Perudoesitbetterthanu profile pic Alumni

i like your sketchy style of all your shirts, very nice, ya but i wouldnt wear it either.


aw, i would wear it, it's enjoyable


odd, i like it. the turtle is cracking me up.


i love it :D very adorable. & I lovee turtles.


natural. lol


ahhh the turtle is hilarious... cute cute.


haha i absolutely love this design, especially the turtle. i would definately wear it; i like how it looks on natural.


makes me smile. I'd get it on natural.


Just have the dude pullin' the turtle
the way you've got it now


i love this just the way it is.




I've been a huge fan of all your designs, but if I had to pick I think I love this one most of all. I do so hope this gets printed because I'd buy it on ash in a heartbeat.


i love it. i'd buy it if the design was in the middle.


OMG HAHAHAHAHAH!!! I HAVE to have to this shirt!! PLEASE print it!! This is great! I NEED it! The turtle and the fish bowl are the best part! +5 $$$$$$$$




It's really cute, but it seems suited for children..Which is why I would buy it. Nice design and I love the rabbit.


I've given a 5 buy to every one of your damn designs. Piercen, I love you


omg this is so freakin adorable!! :)


aaaaaaw I love this shirt, and Im not really sure why. cool stuff.


everytime i see your work it makes me laugh, i love it, if any of your shirts were ever printed i would def buy them. good job man. $5


ahhhhhhhhhhh i love it so much!!!! especially the little green guy. i like the colors but not on a white shirt. either ash or natural

ilovegravy profile pic Alumni

Dear sir,

I LOVE your shirt designs!!!!! This one is especially wonderful!! ^_^ I would purchase TWO if it got printed, because I'm a crazy OCD person who buys at least two of each garment that I truly love!! haha

Anyhoo 5 + $!!!!!


I love this design. On natural or ash.


Holy mother of goodness, this is great! just so cute! Would be nice if there was a bright color in the mix (Never been a fan of a white T), but I'd buy it anyways ^_~

MissGilly profile pic Alumni

Cuteeee! now this is a design were the placement enhances the design. Im a fan of the sketchy childlike style of this one.


I love this design like whoa but don't wear light-colored shirts! If there's a dark or bright color that the design would work well on, I'd be a lot more likely to buy this.

whisper in water

I love it on ash, but isn't there a limit of three colours? I see four: black, blue, green & pink. I don't have any suggestions for this problem, though; maybe you can think of something.
Maybe leave the bunny uncoloured?

I'll buy this. Love it to death.


Not sure this plays to the threadless market but if they are looking to expand this is a winner. Please print I want one or two. A 5+

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