• by yeohgh
  • posted Jul 25, 2005

the influences of nature and the technology into our contemporary lifestyle today.

Watch this
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I don't get it, but I think it looks cool

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hi all,

thank you to support this design, the concept behind this design is to looking at we have much enjoy listen to our ipod or mp3 players now and start to forget how the nature sound of bird and surrounding To show the impact of technology into our life. Enjoy! Hope you all like it. cheers - yeohgh


i really love the concept...
and also the design...
only the baloon over the bird doesn't seem nice to me...


i really like this design, especially the colors.

the speech bubble (i assume) appears to be more of a backwards apostrophe...
if it was shaped a bit differently or instead a few music notes were put in its place i would personally like it a lot more.

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Thanks everyone for the comments, and it really helpful. Really appreciated!..Glad you guys like the design too..cheers - yeohgh ;)


Yeah take the bubble out and I'd buy it in a heart beat.


ooh, nice!


i like the idea. Cool man.
lookign forward for more design from u.

keep it up.


5$ for idea and design

love the colors, shirt color included. keep keep keep.

i also think the empty green word balloon above the bird sort of holds the design together.

in other words, don't change a thing.


i like the concept is nice and i love the design. i like the colour as well...


I love this shirt. I do agree that the green bubble is distracting, and it would be perfect without it.


I agree that it could work without the bubbe, but at the same time, I'd say don't change it! The bubble looks like a combination between a musical note and a Times New Roman apostrophe, which, I think, fits in with the theme very nicely.

The colors are interesting, and work well wit h the shirt. Great idea, and clean design!



the whole point of the bubble (to me) is that the bird's mouth is open but no one can hear anything from it (thus the empty bubble) because they're busy listening to other things. getting rid of the bubble might still work but the whole idea behind the shirt would lose a lot of the strength it has now, IMO.

neon dust

I really like the colors, and it's a nice shirt overall.

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Thank you everyone who posted the comments, really apprciated!!! keep the design alive! cheers!!


Hi... You are from New Zealand like Mr Rocks... Check my blog about design at my profile and see his comment... Speak a little about design at your country... Thank's.... from portugal....


leave the bubble. 5$. it's perfect as is.


wooo!! i love that!!
nice colour!!
print one for me!!
thanks yeoh~~~


i love this shirt!!!! it conveys a great message. $5 and a buy


nice color, concept and design. It helps me to recall back the memories(birds in the wild nature) in those early days.


When I saw the bubble, I immediately thought "earbud." It's the same shape as those crazy tiny white iPod headphones.


I don't like the bubble thing. I think two or three small music notes would be good or if you "flattened" the text bubble so it wasn't angled so oddly it would look better.


like it love it


if i could choose a tee other than grey, i'd wear this. nice design. love the concept!


hahaha, still in nature... always play with nature... love that....
From WTF

Young Sirs

I thought it was a blackbird, you know, the PDAs? I like it.


I'd like it better without the comma coming out of the bird. What's with that?


I feel there was more work done on the tech side and the nature side was almost rushed... I have known to be wrong!

Either way I like the concept... Good work!


Awesome! I really love the design. $5. :D


the design is amazing, and i love what the message is. good, great work!!!!!

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Thank you! thank you everyone for your great comments and support. cheers - yeohgh

the owen eliasen 4000.

solid, worthwhile concept. sharp, beautiful design. well done, yeohgh. [i've scored 30 designs thus far, and this is the first 5 i've given.]


another good one!


Wow. I REALLY like this one.


I love your back to nature themes... this T makes me want to go outside and sit in the sun listening to the birds...

I love it!

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