ALRIGHT! Completely archaic idea AND incorrect spelling. Just what I always wanted.

Watch this

You need to proofread your work.


don't you mean "here"?


to Perudoesitbetterthanu :

Don't count on it when designers have Che's name
in their screen name.

Not everyone is at the same place in their lives so
there's always the chance of new people discovering
Che and wanting to make comments about him - which
brings out reaction from those who are tired of hearing the
same thing over and over about Che.

< play Lion King's "Circle of Life " song now >

Two effective ways to deflate the cult of personality that
focuses on Che is to informthe masses why Che is
irrelevant and to treat him as a common thing
instead of with reverence. The shirt above is
trying the latter.


...unless CHE 77 accidentally misspelled " here ".


So, you have to cut a hole in the shirt and wear it over your head? COOL!!!


you know what the fact that this shirt made it past the 150 threshold.

CHE 77

Yeah I misspelledit. Last minute I lost the design and recreated it right before I submitted it. My point is nobody cares who he really is. Jay-Z wore a "Che" shirt on MTV, so now its fashionable.

Someone asked me once if it was Jim Morrison (?). So "Perudoesit..." probably understands, this isn't another "Che" shirt, this is the "stop wearing the shirt if you havn't read a book" shirt.

To Helo: not new to me, read many books, done my research, just a design with a point. Thank you for your time.

a boy on a string.

reminds me of 'the revolution will be merchandised'.
a slogan of a german skateboardfirm named HESSENMOB.


you should probably try to get your point across more clearly.


While you're rewording (if you in fact intend to fix "Here") why not drop the "Put"? "Your -whatever- Here" is much more common without it.

Also, why the rough edges around the face/hair? Why not have a cutout-dotted line or something? If you're going to do something like this, spend more than a couple seconds on it and really run with the concept.


to Sjaakennout:

Maybe instead of cutting out a hole and wearing it over your head,
the shirt might be inviting us to put our face right on the chest of
whoever is wearing it.


Not an original idea or a particulary well rendered one.


very nice


It's spelt "here" not "hear".
I hate it.


hmmm...i dont know about everyone else but this shirt pretty much says everyting I feel about the whole Che-as-a- fashionstatement thing. I 'm soo 'effin' tired of seeing his face adorning almost everything that societ y deems as "trendy". I live in Miami where there is a huge Cuban polulation and i'll tell you something, Che is not revered here. Granted, his life was fascinating and while his intentions where honorable w/ regardsto his rel.ationship w/ Fidel, he was sent up the river as it were by very man whom he helped to overthrow Batista in Cuba. When Che sent out word to Fidel for help from the jungles of Bolivia, Fidel snubbed him and left him to die. Point is, it's stylish and anti-establishment and Revolutionary and all that but sad that most ppl dont have a clue as to what he stood come no one wears a shirt with Fidel C astro's face on it...after all, they stood for the same thing.....?!


che should be respected. not marketed.


finally, someone with a worthy point


Che should be neither respected nor marketed.

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