Where all begins and ends

aren't babies usually born in a hospital?

nice design anyways, awesome colors.

Watch this

i get where you're going with this, but pink and blue?

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pigmentperfect> we're talking about love and death, isn't? I think we marry in a church, non? : ) And funerals take place there too


I know when I was born, It was the second pew to the right, next to the stained glass piece of jesus being born.. wierd..

I like the drawing but not the text and the phrase

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very nice work. keep the text.


design wise, awesome, concept wise i dont like it but its my own personal thing. 3 for the design tho.


damn i love this.
i think it is so beautiful.
pay no mind to the hospital jokes, what it's obviously saying with the theme in love and death is referring to the marriage begining at the church (in love) and then ending with a funeral (in death.)

really nice work.


Take out the text.


i can't say it applies to everyone


i love the concept you have protrayed, however, in my opinion the text style doesn't go well with the design style and neither do the colors.


i thinks its awesome, really nice job. 5 from me...keep the text and the colors. its great.


One bad design.


to queenotu :

Is that Micheal-Jackson-I'm-bad
bad = poor quality?


This NEEDS to be printed.


we're... baptised in a church and... funerals, no?


oops, nevermind that concept!

and no, doesn't exactly apply to everyone- but does it have to?


i thought funeral homes are where the majority of funerals are held? i've never seen a funeral at a church.


I like the design, but the the words look weird, they don't match the design.


marriage begins at church (not birth) and the funeral mass can be held at church also, depends on how religious you are. Nice idea 4


This is the best I have seen for this contest... i would wear it.


"And babies are born in the same buildings where people go to pass away..." even though it doesn't represent birth, apparently. It just reminded me of a quote from a dredg song. Anyway, nice use of colors, but there's very low contrast between charcoal and dark brown.


excellent. i think i'd like it better if it were at the bottom side, 5
good job.


Very, very good. I would buy and wear this :D


I would buy this, most definitely. I really love it. A lot. 5$. I'm praying this gets printed.


I love this. But I think what they mean is the start of life through baptism, which takes place in a church, and then death.


i like the picture but not the text.


This is one of the standouts from the Used competition, but you gotta give us some options for the colour of the shirt..


nice but it doesn't seem like something The Used would sell.No, not at all. REsubmit to regular threadless if they will let you.

shes eletrik

I really like it.
like the person above me said.
not really something for The Used.
Besides that wonderful design.

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