Dollhouse Noises

  • by scrybe
  • posted Jul 21, 2005

Ok, so my last submission didn't quite make the top 3. So I'm mixing it up a bit and trying again. I really need to win because I don't have enough money for my honeymoon! Most of the highly rated ones had rooms and houses and such, so I made a home for Eisley. And no one can possibly think any of them are drowning now!

Watch this

You got the sham on your last submission, because it was totally awesome. I wouldn't count it out yet though, because the winners aren't necessarily chosen as the top three from scoring. Good luck. I love your style, and I hope to see one of your entries win this competition.


I have to have this on khaki, but about half the size... I love this one and is one of the few eisley ones I'd wear.


You're an ace illustrator, however, l don't think it translates too well on tees if you understand.


your last submission was awesome, so, just so you can win somehow, 5$


as per usual 5


Freakin AWSOME man...i love different, i would definitly sport this!!!!


i love your style


could you clutter up the space some more? like the drawing, creeeepy and cute at the same time.. congratulations.


the thing I don't like is that they're all facing the same way.

grayehound profile pic Alumni

This is a case of having all the talent anyone could wish for and not being able to focus it in a way that works on a tee shirt. Scrybe, you're a very, very good illustrator, and you've got a distinctive style that works well, especially for this contest. But your images haven't worked as tee shirts (yet), and this is no exception.

Beyond an interesting caricature of the band, this doesn't say anything about them or their music. Your tub piece was much better. The lack of color doesn't help this, either. Color can emphasize the emotional qualities, but you've left this pretty flat.

And, gotta agree with hoorah, they're all facing twards us, and just standing around. No action, no emotion, just five well drawn dolls in a well drawn house.


I liked the tub shirt. A lot. It was creepy as hell.


i liked the other dollhouse eisley submission better ..the one that had noises and stuff in it this is well done but it seems kind of pointless like grayehound said


Definitely my fav out of all your designs. Just remember, you cant keep everyone happy. I look forward to what you'll do next. 5 $



that's all i can say


i think your t-shirt is freakin awesome, b/c you won't find anothe rone like it... i'd like it as a poster or something, but i wouldn't wear it. but good job!


WOW. This is a huge improvement. I love it and would buy it in a heartbeat.


SICK nice ill like your style
$ 5


i think the statue-look of the dolls all facing foward adds to this design concept. it is s dollhouse... dolls don't move unless you move them, except on television commercials. the style of this designer is awesome, and this is great for the competition it is entered in. i think it is a winner.


Nice. I liked the last one too, but saw it only after voting. I lke the BATterfly! I hope this one wins for you. It is worthy of a win!



i like this, especially on the tan-ish khaki color.


I take back my comments ;(
After giving scrybe very nice comments on his last two subs this is what he had to say about mine:

scrybe, at 6:44pm on Jul 27, 2005
Who would wear this shirt in a couple of months? This is less than a fad.

Did you just feel a dire need to attack someone who's been supporting your work?

and didn't big eyed children looking things go out in the 1970s with margaret keane?


My mistake I gave you nice comments on 3 out of your 4 subs


Kami, imo i think a design should be based on its merit, not how nice the person has been to you. you can't win contests by being nice to everyone. Even then, I don't even remeembeer most of the usernames of the people that comment on my submissions or anyone elses, unless its somebody big like ross or glennz or moss or something.

About this design, it's totally awesome but it's something I'd neever wear. I'll give it a 5 though because the style is super cool.


imo it's just not cool. Did he comment on my design's merits or lack thereof? Were his comments constructive? I just don't understand his motivation. Frankly, who knows what will become an iconic image w/celebrity? Marilyn Monroe over a subway grate, etc. I think anyone having seen Mr. Cruise do what he did will remember that image for quite a long time to come. I can see that image being shown when he's 75 and goes to pick up his lifetime achievement oscar award. Personally, I don't go around posting negative comments and was just curious as to what would make a person do so. Anyway, it's bad karma and he'll have to live with that.


I really like this design. If you wanted me to print it for you i would..i print shirt for people on Threadless sometimes.....anyways get at me if youre serious about this tshirt thing i think i could help you.


it's a very well-drawn house, but honestly, the illustrations of Eisley's members scare the hell out of me with their big heads and eyes. Just not my style.

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