The Pillage People

  • by JillGern
  • posted Jul 18, 2005

"The Pillage People"

Yet another play on words. The image I have is sharper than this.

Watch this

the idea is very much with the goodness... needs some refinement though.
Im not feeling the style of the text, and the people lack something...

Texas Rose

Hahaha. That's bitchin.


the figures are great. i'd make the text smaller, and i'm not really liking how the text changes colors. so, work with the text a bit more, and this is great!


What's this a Capital One commercial?


Needs to be refined a bit, but great ideas.


As others have said, do some refining on the text and it's perfect.

Hell, I'd definitely buy it even if the text looks a bit awkward.


Change the font, maybe some color or something. I don't know but I do like it.


I don't like the typography, but the idea is pretty cute. If there were less of them (there were, what, five of Village People?) and they were striking more of a pose then it might be groovy.

Also worried about the blurriness of the image and that the silhouettes seem a little cliparty.

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