Too Lazy to Walk the Dog.

This design is pretty self explainitory. There are a lot of people who don\'t particularly enjoy having to walk their dog (somewhat of a chore I guess) so this design is dedicated to all the lazy people with good loopholes out there.

Placement on the shirt can be changed before printing as well as with the shirt color if the current ones do not suit.(although my favorite would be the gold and slate)

Thanks to everyone who votes and comments!

Watch this

i think i might like the slate a little better - yellow isn't my favorite choice. i'd still rock this puppy.


nice use of only 4 colors! cool design too.

Wilson Amblin

Big toe sock hole - nice touch.


It seems that the file got messed up somehow when uploading because my slate blue background isnt there, which would give everyone a better idea of what the slate blue would look like. I'll try to get it fixed.


well done, well illustrated and a good concept, how could this not win


this is so kickass but you should get rid of the shadow thingy


I agree with pigment, it's awesome what you have done with only four colors; also, one of the better concepts I have seen lately on threadless. I want to wear this shirt now! $5


Excellent concept!
Nice execution

Negatives ( just my opinion ) :
Remove the dots on the man's heels.
Remove the shadows.
Neither the yellow and slate blue
shirt colors work for me.
Yellow is too bright for clothes
on a lazy fellow and the Slate blue
is a little too dark to see the total
image from a distance.

What about a medium green-blue shirt?


that's awsome...
if i knew that.. i wouldnt have taken my dog for walks on hot days..
my fata$$ coulda just sat dere.

heh.. nice vector too.


take of the dots of shadow. its cool.3


lol it just screams threadless 5$


i'm not sure i'd wear a yellow t-shirt more than once a year but love the graphic!


Personally, I don't get the concept. Am I mistaken or don't most people take their dogs for walks so they can go potty? Are you trying to imply that this guy is so obese(lazy) that he let's his dog potty on his treadmill?


um yeah... THIS IS AWESOME! great job.
helo.. you need to be quiet!


HAHA! i love it i want it but, i dunno if i'd buy it yellow isn't my fave!


the shadow on the lazyboy is a little off i think..... but $5!!!


hey, that's not a bad casey!! (my dog for all you idiots out there)

cool, i like it

klaus colgate

I,m sure it must be JONNY VEGAS..! cool design 5$.


Best design I've seen here in a while. It better get printed.


i'd buy it. but i'd buy half the shirts on here..thought they didn't make wraparounds? would be great if it didn't cut off at the hem also. i like the design tho. good job.


oops. wrong place. scratch that.


That dog is wearing sweatbands!

I would buyit just because of that.


i do agree that this is kickass. slate is deffinitely the way to go. great awesome job


maybe helo is right... but I still vote +4 $


I just watched the eukanuba (spelling??) dog show like 10 minutes ago and there was a guy who was walking a pug on a treadmill. GENIOUS..PLEASE PRINT $5


I don't like the shadow dots under the couch, but other than that, it's awesome.


The dots for the shadows can be taken out before printing if it is an issue for most people, or it can be changed into a solid shadow.


I just saw that on a commercial...but it's neat anyway. 4


OMFG~~!!!! my cheeks hurt from laughing at this hilarious shirt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! $5


Brillo idea.. nice execution


What commercial did you guys see that on? I don't watch tv but it sucks that somebody capitalized on the same idea as me....

mo with e

sorry man but this idea has been taken
its not on a commercial nor any ad i believe

go to and look up in the funny pix section
i think thats where i saw the idea


It's definitely not on there... but who is to say the idea's been taken? I havent seen it before, but even if there is a picture of it out there somewhere I still thinks its a good concept for a shirt considering most people like it.. (but also I'm a little bias considering I made it haha)

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