This is all me, Dawg... word.

Watch this

i heart books. though i don't like green shirts. yellow's my preference. still, books need a chance. 4


is it supposed to be the bible or just some random book, I think that the combination of the bible and ebonics would make for a good, although potentially offensive, design


love it. .. and i always f'ing say 'word' to my peeps. 4.

i think the design of the book is more complicated than it needs to be --- if you just had lines across the pages and not the number "1" and nix the double columns on the right hand side of the book, it could work better...



Awesome... word.. The Word... You rock.
luv amy


if it's a bible, then no go. if it's a dictionary... awesome.


it could be a Bible or a dictionary.. its all up to the interpretation...


i sooo wish i could rate this a six. but I'll have to give you a 5$

this seriously better get printed. i love!!!


Man, I would totally buy this for my friend who says word all the time


This shirt makes me want to hook up with UNC library sciences grad students.... Agree book is too busy tho... 4$


That's definitely a Bible. Regardless of what you say about interpretation, if it were a dictionary, it would have the tab dealies that dictionaries have on their right-side pages.

I can't see myself wearing a shirt like that, regardless of the book.


but hey, it's supposed to be CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. suddenly something hinting at a religion or faith that many may like, comes across your oh so shocked eyes and you're caught off guard. im suprised at your almost-anger at it. whats the matter?


i'd buy.
i give it a 5.


hahaha ..love it. 5


it can be a normal book, guys. they have these things called "chapters," which are often indicated by these things called "numbers"


i like it! up to interpretation indeed.


I don't think it's a bible. "Bible" didn't even cross my mind, until I read the comments.

I thought: "Dictionary"

In any case, I really like this. I'd buy it.


Love it. It's ridiculous that someone would score it low just becaues it MAY be a bible. It doesn't say Bible anywhere, so it could be any book you want. I'd buy it if it were a Bible, dictionary, pop-up book, or a comic book. 5$.


other color please 3


i luv it , i dunno y am always attracted to bubble designs!
awesome! nice colors too ;)


Love it! It's hilarious!

miss elizabeth

What's up with the bible haters? Its cool. And it doesn't even look like a Bible. And who cares? Some people like being offended, I guess. 5 for sure. Word.


I definitely agree that it would be freaking SWEET as a bible.


or it could be a CHAPTER BOOK. Like 'chapter one'? Or it might not be.


i like this


wow.. despite all the debate over my design, after reading this stuff years later, it got the highest score out of everyhting i've submitted.

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