Black Widow

  • by htking
  • posted Jul 07, 2005

What came to my mind for love and death. What better symbol than a black widow?

Watch this
twirling around

nice idea. i think it might look better if the spider was hanging down at either the left or right side of the web, since you already have the heart perfectly centered.


I'd like it on a darker background clour, and I agree, spider would be better to the side, but the heart-web is cool ^^


Love the design, hate the shirt colors.


thanks for the comments....isnt it up to threadless which shirt color they pick or am i mistaken? (i really dont know..i'm fairly new here)


Alter the spider's position, and you'd have a great shirt.
Even if it doesn't win for the Used, I like it as a regular shirt.


nice idea. looks like the web of a spider on caffeine (that I saw in an exhibit at an university) love does that I guess


black widows have the red triangles on thier back...i'm not sure what you mean


Five and a buy!

I think I'd like it if the spider was off-center as well, though I like this too.


yeah, reposition the spider......but decent work though


no pastel shirts



love the idea, love the design, disaponited by the color...sorry


just to clarify, i have no problem with this being on a dark shirt, its just that the spider is somewhat lost on them....and you cant really change the colors of a black widow......

i do appreciate all the comments guys!


if you did it on a red shirt, you could spare the red as an extra print color and just leave that area open, it would be more cost effective, and would probably satisfy the moody gloomy people who are too scared to where a bright color.

I personally like the gold color shirt

PS 5 and buy! deff a great design, maybe the spider should be off centered a little.


if the spider was outlinded in white and on a black tee id so buy it $+5


I like the design, but I'm not too fond of the shirt colors. The female Black Widow does not have any markings on her back. The red hourglass is on her belly. The males often have bright yellow spots with orange bands on their backs, but no hourglass. Looking at that image, the spider could very easily be seen as if its belly is facing the viewer, so it's okay. Anyway, I like the design.


I think the shirt is awesome. And the debated symbols on the spider make the spider universally recognized. I totally dig the brighter shirts. Otherwise it would look like any other typical hack gothic design. 5 and buy.


the design is totally awesome. i like it best on the turquoise shirt. 5


Very original mate, like it!


kik ass and all..but.. lol the magic word. i know that balck and red are used too much.. but.. the black widow and spiderweb on those pastel colors..just..doesnt..look right. lol. kik ass though, id like it alot better on red.


maybe im crazy, but i think it woudl be way cooler with a red backround
with a red spider on a black backround and black hour glass.
im just not a fan of those colors
awsoem design, nice work, i liek it.


Love it.. even with the fact that I'm arachnophobic.

five and a buy!


haha thats the funny part....i am too. though i'm pretty much scared of any bug....


enough friggin hearts already

Grr Stegosaurs.

Beautiful I would truly get this shirt.


the spider looks good where ever. looking at your revamped versions i like it on red or khaki. I love this design. A definite 5$ from me.


The khaki, grey and black tees work well.

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