Morning (Remix)

  • by clojita
  • posted Jun 28, 2005

Took some suggestions into consideration, redid some stuff, moved image, added detail, more interesting colors, etc. I think its better now.

Watch this
bortwein profile pic Alumni

Right now, it's just the telephone pole that is lacking in this design. I like what you did with everything else, but that pole top is just not lining up right for me. I like how on the blue one it looks like winter.


No, I love it! It's rockin you should give me tips...

Perudoesitbetterthanu profile pic Alumni

havn't seen the first submission of this design. but as is, im loving it. id totally buy $5.


This is really, really awesome, man. I wish I knew you. 5$.


i like the idea a lot, but a music staff has four lines, and your three lines bother me. and how the top line doesn't line up on the poll. and if i could complain about one more thing its that the notes are too small in relation to the staff lines, but it's your shirt, so good luck

drk n9ght

don't change nothing i never saw the first but i think i'm in love , good thing that passed phew well of course i'd buy it


The red is really stunning, nice work.


^ I think he means five, not four.

But it's a neat concept. & I like the color options you have, they work pretty good w/ the design, especially the ones on the sides (blue, brown)

The perspective is pretty far off (all is @ eye level, except top of the pole), but I dont know how you could fix that, and still have the concept as immediately identifiable, as it is. see if you can play with the design, and get it to work.

as far as the line @ the top, (and the fifth one) you could extend the top of the pole to include them, but then, that would throw the perspective off, even further

umm.. mabey you could make the pole higher, and flip the top in the opposite direction,?
I think that would correct it.

good luck , it's a neat design :o)


Damn this shirt is tight. I wish I had your talent. Definitly buy it. 5$


nice design. id buy the brown one.


I really like it, good job! 5$


The elements don't feel like they really belong together. They feel cut and pasted, not designed.

tesko profile pic Alumni

Cool. Ever seen the Beatles movie Help? During the 'She's Got A Ticket To Ride' song this happens on some power lines.


That is a great shirt! Tight design and cool cool cool!!


i really dig it toots


i like the black on white the most, really nice..

eskimokiss profile pic Alumni

really nice, and clever


Very lovely idea. Top props. But I agree with the musical criticism previously stated. The size of the notes and the Thickness of the electrical lines bother me the most. But still, very good. 5.


This shirt is AWESOME!! I like the brown one best. Definately a 5!


my favorite is the brown with yellow


I didnt notice it until bortwein said but the lines not matching up bugs me slightly, its a bit of a petty observation though. I still love it.


this is the best shirt I have seen on this site, I really hope it is made. I will definelty buy it and would particularly like to buy it in turquoise or brown


i freakin love this, its so awesome and unique. good job


I like this! But why must the trees look so emo?


i really like this. the telephone pole needs s little lining up with the wires. $5


I remember liking the first one but I do like this one better. The brown is my fav.


hm, i'd love one of these. :) I agree-- bigger notes. I think from father away the shirt's general idea would be lost.... A shirt this cool, I want people to see and comment on it. :)

Rate up.


I miss the clouds... and cool colors...

And good god, did someone just call a tree emo? What's wrong with the world!?


Yeah...that tree totally looks like its about to cry, and cut itself. Maybe knit a sweater or two while listening to songs like "My Mom Hates Me Because I'm A Whiny Little B****".

Note the sarcasm.

Awesome shirt. I really like it on blue and brown.

what i am

difinatly buy this one, you rock.


I love the brown. Maybe a smaller bird and bigger notes. But I looooooove it! I'd buy it as it is right now though!


I absolutely love this, but it would have to have 5 wires and bigger notes (so they fit with the wires the way they should) before I'd buy, just to keep my orch friends from constantly pointing it out.


Oh.. brown. Like it in brown.

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