miss reddish-mushroom

  • by dinholic
  • posted Jun 20, 2005

This is the first time i summit my work here hee hope everyone enjoy it and rememebr me, din:]

Watch this

i love it
im glad someone started to do good shirts and not the crap ive been seeing


Like the drawing, hate the signature.
She reminds me of the mother mouse on this seriously screwed up childrens' show called Toy Castle.


Lose the background lines and show me a DETAIL of the image up close. I can't see it at all. damn and this does look like it's good.


Design is great but I tend to agree it can afford to loose the signature and the background stripes and maybe movethe image into the bottom left hand corner more. This would make the actual desgn stand out more.

chocolate girl to the rescue

Hey! Awesome image. And I like the black, white & red. Very striking!
Actually I don't mind the signature seeing as it's not so much tagged on but incorporated into the design.
The positioning is okay - it might be slightly better moved more toward the right seamline, but I don't know.

And I don't mind the white background lines but it'd be interesting to see if it worked better without them - I'm not so sure. I think partly the positioning of the image works because of the white lines in the triangular form...

Anyway, they're my comments! First time to write. I just bought three tees... I'm soooo excited!

It'd be great if this got printed - I'd buy it. It's different, original, unlike many of the other submissions on here (unfortunately)...
Good luck!!


i like the composition, but the rough edges really distract from it and make it look sort of amateurish to me. i also think the signature could go.
also white waves on a red shirt make me think of coca-cola. but that's not your fault.
a little smoothed out and it would get a 5 from me, even though i probably wouldn't wear it myself.

stuck with pins
stuck with pins profile pic Alumni

i really like this. but it looks like a KISS doll to me. the edges are too rough. go over it with a brush and make it softer. i'd give it a 5 but right now 4.



I'd like to meet that caterpillar. Rawh! Needs a hooka though. 5$


too pixely, but pretty good illustration.


OK OK...if Pippy Longstocking had a sister named Alice, and she lived in Wonderland.....and a Gaint catapillar smoked some funky stuff with her...that would be this shirt!
I like the signature, always sign your work. An despite my analogy, I think the shirt is original...and cool.


this is really pretty! i cant really tell what shes sitting or something. its really nice though! keep up the cool work! :D


The color combination made me cringe. Other than that, I really like it.


Love it, the red is a bit too bright, but it gets a 5!


same opinion as ...

" Morgainne"

Design is great but I tend to agree it can afford to loose the signature and the background stripes and maybe movethe image into the bottom left hand corner more. This would make the actual desgn stand out more.


the signature isn't too bad here. it's very small...it doesn't stand out too much...worked into the design somewhat. so i'd buy it..


I don't mind the signature. The drawing's awesome. Is it vector?
Great work anyway.


The design is cool, but too pixelly for my liking. x_x


I agree. I would buy it but its a bit scratchy.. Nice work though


I don't usually like pixely stuff, but it suits this one. I guess because it makes the design even more painful to the eyes.

Nichola B

Something very Dr Suess - Cat in the Hat about this design. I love it and I'd buy it if it weren't pixelated. I think you need those background stripes. They create perspective quite nicely. I don't understand your visual goal with the two vertical lines at bottom right. And I think it's cool to include your signature - an artist is entitled to leave his or her mark!


haa actually the white background is a mushrooom but it seems that not many people understand it heee
For the opinion abut the feeling of pixely..umm thats jus because i like that special feeling and so i darw it in that feeling~
any way, thanks so much for all of u:]


my eyes hurt from looking at that POS


VERRRY nice, but remove the sig.


I looovee this.

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