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I love this to death...the pink in the syringe and the yellow _
must have drools

bortwein profile pic Alumni

I like this design. I may not have seen all the movies that you are calling out, but I can pick out the movies I have seen. Great job.

travis76 profile pic Alumni

only two movies that i can see....great job. when i first saw the thumb, i thought 'aw jeez, another 'fit together' piece'...but i was so wrong. kick ass. maybe more pink tho, like in the heart, along the sword, and maybe the 'square' for balance...

Fad profile pic Alumni

I think it's all from PF!


what movies? i see none haha


Once I realised this was all based on Pulp Fiction, it clicked. Nice work as always, Oliver.


Love the references <3

Mr. Fanta

That 'eye' dead in the middle of it all is beautiful! And that singular minimal pink in the syringe is masterstroke!

Sauza Gold

Pulp Fiction is love.


Kid Icarus

The IFC logo is intrusive the the image.


All these IFC ones are starting to look the same


I love it 5 and $


I like it..i hate the dang contest i hate the logo but i love the shirt contact me if you want it printed.


YES!! I LOVE Pulp Fiction! But not IFC. If that werent in there, i'd buy this one.


By far the best IFC submission in my opinion


If I had a favorite movie it would be Pulp Fiction. You did a pretty good job, there are only a few things in there that I'm unable to remember where they're from, but that's mostly b/c I can't tell what they are.

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