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Dream Come True

I've always wanted to see a penguin fly...

Watch this

if the design is just the penguin with the parachute then i would def buy this.

if the planes are part of the design, then i would get rid of them. they arent necessary


i agree. it's unecessary to have the planes, they kinda distract from the penguin. other than thata $5

i <3 penguins

H Magoria

thanks for the input!...whether or not to include the plane was a decision I struggled with. O, I should also say that there is only ONE plane in the design...just realized that the bigger view of it makes it look like there's two planes on the shirt....oops


leave the plane!



lol kool


aww i wish i could fly like the penguin that is so cool!!!!

Slade xTekno

"Da plane! Da plane!"

It's a great idea, either way.


love it... no planes


Few things are cooler than penguins and parachutes.


I love it. But leave the plane. It rocks


super cute, but leave the planes out. i would buy it $5

H Magoria

just to reiterate, there is only ONE plane in the design


Really cool design. DON'T listen to those other people, LEAVE THE DAM PLANE!


Awesome! I must have this. I like the plane, though I mean...there's no way to make this uncool.

Sir Standard

freakin hot. like it more without the plane, but either way...


Flippin awesome shirt. The plane adds more background screw the other people. :)

H Magoria

hmm...6 for the plane, and 6 against...and 3 I assume have no preference...the debate continues


straight up 5 kid, but the plane does seem to have an awkward placement. The design is solid without it centered as it is. I'd opt for without the plane personally. Penguins rule PERIOD


yeah the plane does kill it, but i like penguins so much id buy it anyway


Very nice, the grey in the chute will look good silk screened

qisti vs qisti

Niiiice! But without the penguin tho.. hehehe kidding.. take out the plane and id sure as hell buy this :)


add 5 more planes and i'll buy it.


planes are tight! keep em in

H Magoria

again, there's just ONE plane in the, I'm such an idiot for placing the larger view where I did....sigh. Thanks for all the feedback, guys. 'tis appreciated.


i really like it, but the plane isn't necessary.


the parachuting penguin is awesome. i'd say leave the plane but add one more scaling it smaller on the left sleeve (for depth) if yerr gonna hav the right one overlap into the right sleeve, just to balance it out.


Speaking as a penguin I love it! My fantasy fullfiled! The plane needs to stay as it shows that the penguin is able to fly but only with the help of some other means of flight: it enhances the irony. It could also means that the penguin does this sort of thing as recreation, not just fantasy. Perhaps wwe never see penguins fly becasue secretly they jump out of planes all the time ;-) You'll never know! I'm not going to tell.

H Magoria


....that's becoming my litany for this piece, heh. I know it looks there's a plane on the sleeve, but that's just the larger view...didn't realize it looked like that till after I submitted it...hence, I am a moron.


So how many planes are there in the design now, I'm

Neh, it's obvious there's only one plane dude, solid illustration. And you can never go wrong with them penguins!


i've seen a lot of penguins lately, but i agree that the plane is a distraction


How is the plane a distraction? It creates a diagonal that leads you right down to the penguin.

It's awesome either way.



"Penguins? I love penguins!" improv from The Man Who Came to Dinner. its a score.


I LOVE PENGUINS!! i would totally buy this.......


cool, but i would like a different shirt color

H Magoria

I'm surprised no one else has commented on shirt color. What other color would you suggest? Something in the blue family, I'd it'd still look like sky, that is...?


i like it but agree with those who say take out the plane.


I'm not a penguin, but I am a skydiver and I love this shirt! leave the plane in the design

H Magoria

well if a skydiver says leave the plane...I'm tempted to do so.


I don't like the shirt color, but that's a minor minor detail. I would use a lighter blue. $5


I'd say leave the plane. Without it there's no sense of distance in the image.


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