I Heart Otter Pops!

Otter Pops. There those tast freeze pops that you buy in packs of 100. Whose your favorite otter? The incomparable musician and lover Poncho Punch. The ever so sexy Strawberry Short Kook. The mad genius of Sir Isaac Lime. The admirable Alexander the Grape. Or the Adorable Little Orphan Orange. Come on. Tell the world of your love of Otter Pops.


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Haha, I remember my mom always bought us the generic brand because there were like 3x more in the box for the same price. They were still good though (blue and red were my favorites).


I have to say I love lime. My roommate and I go through a box every couple days, probably 2 boxes a week on average. Its an addiction and probably pretty bad for us, but they are just so delicious.

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