moose goes moo

It's feet look a little..weird. Make them skinnier, I think.

But otherwise, it's adorable. I love mooses..meese...moose..

Watch this

Lose the "moo" I think, the moose can stand alone.


the feet and the rump need some work, shift it over so it dosen't get cut off


The legs need to be longer and more sort of knobly, and I agree about losing the moo.


i like the moo. it's funny


keep the moo,. but make him smaller. $


yeah, i like the moo, and i agree with making the moose smaller.. or at least do a little something with the legs.

great nonetheless.

pink eye

do moose say moo? if not, what do moose do? dig it.


one vote here for losing the 'moo'. 4, and I'm picky.


I love it. My friend and I have an ongoing joke about how moose should say moo and cows should say ..cow? haha. I love it but I agree that it needs some adjustments.. body shape, legs etc. otherwise, I'd buy it!



love it. $5


lol, i like it! it made me laugh. more color choices?


I like it, but the moose needs to be a bit smaller and the colors could use some changing... 4


I'm not crazy about the color choice, but I love it enough not to care that much. The shape of the moose does need work, though... legs aren't long enough. You've gotten some good feedback here; I hope you try incorporating some of it and resubmitting. I would definitely buy mooshee t-shirts. (And I like the "moo," myself.)

Alex M. Solefish

keep the Moo. or else, it's just the abercrombie and fitch moose.


I don't like the placement or the colors much. the moose is ok though.


thank you guys! and i will certainly take all of those suggestions into consideration!

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