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Watch Your Soul

  • by pandar
  • posted Apr 01, 2005

That, I think, is pretty awesome, although I would like to see some more detail on the man. As it is now, it looks like both of his arms are on one side of his body and he only has one foot. Other than that - I like it.

Watch this

His arms need a lil work, but the shirt is freaking awesome. 5$


i think it's funny, but would never consider putting it on a shirt.


Should we become vegetarians ?? Or stop buying battery produced chickens?? Very Clever


If you just drew the other foot, reversed the direction the face on the sould is facing, work on the arms (the way they look like theyre coming out of the same side), an try something else in place of the wierd looking ball thats sucking in the sould, and you have a really good chance of your design being printed.


i love the evil voodoo chicken but i think that the man's shirt/arms need to be more defined. and maybe not navy blue.


what the crap?

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