One second...

Heart Invaders

summer will soon invade my heart!

Watch this

nice idea.. I would like to see a breakout version.


fuck yes!!!!!!!! 5555555!


Yusssssssssss. 5 + buy. On black if you can change it.


5+ buy =D


Its better than most of the other heart designs on the site.


I'll take one...


maybe add those destructable barriers?


wow, this is great. i'd buy it!


i think it's way better on brown.


not to be a facist or anything
but i like it on the tan.
i don't know.
just an opinion that doesn't follow the trend
of black black everything black.

poser goths, christ.


i really like it. some people go out of their way sometimes to be different, but it seriously goes good on black the best.

I like it alot, very well done! :)


i love the design. best on either black or brown.
though i must add.. that'll come out interestingly when worn on females..


can you really shoot three bullets like that?
this reminds me of Galaxian, in which you can have two bullets max on the screen at a time. as soon as one hits something or goes offscreen you can shoot another.
if whatever you're referencing here has different rules that's cool too.


oh and yeah... if this were centered it'd be a little more unisex.


i looooove it.
black shirt.
at least a little more centered for us girls please ^^;;
gret, great idea. 55555



Kill that heart cliche, kill it dead!!!

$ 5


a little bit smaller if you're gonna have it breast pocket. but i love it xxx

What What

deffinatly a winner, great idea


Adorable, though maybe using Super Breakout (instead of space invaders) would look better? 4.


best on brown, red on black always looks good but this is a shirt and summers coming. stop wearing black you morbid bunch. love it would buy


Very original idea.


I hate heart designs. This is an exception. 5+$


i don't usually like the heart designs on here, but i am also a computer geek, so this one does it for me.

here's an interesting fact for you all: did you know that in the original space invaders game it wasn't technically designed to move faster as you shot more and them got lower on the screen. As there were less enemies on the screen more memory freed up and the game moved faster...


$5 on black


Best on black or tan, $5! Maybe center for females?


I like this, but I think the dark ones are kind of hard to see. But $5 any way.

Mid Bit

I would'nt wear it, but I know people that would.....but they're all in jail. Not really, I don't know why I said that, it's late, im going to bed.


Hahahaha I love it!! But at first glance that looked like the heart was dripping white blood or something...I don't know...maybe I'm just crazy. But now that I know what it IS, 5+$!!!


That's fantastic

5 + buy, easily.

Mr Shev

Real sweet. 5 and $


at first I thought it was dripping white stuff too until i read some of the comments. It never really struck me as space invaders...Now that i know what it is though, its awesome, but I'd just worry that other people wouldn't be able to recognize it either.

oh, and I like the tan/khaki too...I don't really like the harsh contrast of red on black.


i like it in black......

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