I wish I had arms.

  • by lizyd
  • posted Mar 15, 2005

One day, I sneezed all over myself. And then I wondered what it'd be like to sneeze all over myself without arms.

I'd probably look exactly like this, should such a nightmare come true.

Watch this

HAHAHA. Is it wrong to laugh at this?
What are the lines on the torso all about?
I don't think they're necessary to make the design better, the simplicity is
nice by itself. Besides you want to draw attention to the large snotsplat on this little dude's face. Because it's pretty freakin funny.

So wait, does this mean you're bald?


Lines are folds - just part of my drawing style. And you're supposed to laugh. ;)

And, uh. Yes. I'm bald. (Only not at all.)


i think the lines (atleast how i see it) are showing that the guy's shrashing around in frustration... like someone with their arms behind their back... its hilarious 5, but it might offend some, and id be nervous wearing it ...i dont like to offend people... well, only stupid people


OH, NEVERMIND.. theyre folds... but i'll continue to imagine the thrashing... shrashing... i dont know what word im trying to say


thanks for not putting text on it...5$

She Can't Wrestle

<center>Yes I love it and I would wear it a lot. Mhm niceeee. I like the way you think, it's so random.

She Can't Wrestle

-<center> It's a bad habit. Ugh HTML I hate you.


You should make a version where the no arms guy wipes the snot on the sleeve of the shirt :)


haha.. that's great. woud totally buy if i had the loot.

Alex M. Solefish

boots&hearts: "thrashing around in frustration?" haha--as funny as this shirt. I like it. I want to rub the snot off its face to help it out.


man this is a terrible illustration though, I don't care whether the concept is 'original'... bad execution, bad score.


This is GREAT illustration..I'd definitley buy it :)
I want it in grey - MAKE IT IN GREY!

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