Fighting Crow

  • by Stephen_A
  • posted Mar 10, 2005

This is a crow which I cropped from a picture of three crows fighting. I really enjoy the simplicity of it, and the position which the crow was in when the picture was taken.

Watch this

maybe if it was bigger, and came in different colors. I do like the linage and the positioning of it though


I like simplicity too... but this is just bland... it would be neat if the birds (all three? maybe just two) were fighting along the bottom... That's just what I'd make though. :x

TLG James

A little too simple for me


I have an eye for the overly bland, what can I say? (;

I really like Krapehtta idea with the crows fighting along the bottom, perhaps I can do that. I could easily add other colors, if that's what you want [:


i like this a lot. i think i'd like it even more with a couple more crows.


I like the simplicity but it's just not enough.


thats tight 5


i love it as is. 5$


too plain. there's potential in this though.


Awesome comments, keep them coming!


um ...The clothing line MODERN AMUSEMENT
is all about say that 90% of their clothing..being shirts, belts, pants ANTHING has the silhouette of crows in em...also in colors

soo yea i dunno bout this!


Excellent observation, "Toni", but if you pay close attention to the crow on each of their products it's always the same; that being much more cartoony (especially since mine is taken from a photo) and in a different pose.

While I would like to believe my work is original, I'm sure you will find other shirts/clothing accessories which are very similar in nature to my own.


Needs more.


I think that it's perfect the way it is. But, I like simple shirts. 5+$ all the same, though.


Great concept, I like the idea about having two or three of them fighting at the bottom of the shirt though. Great job



Make it much larger, like maybe 5 times that size!


Eek, then I would need to add more colors... I think I like the idea of adding a few more crows along the bottom [:

My shirt's time is almost up, make sure to tell me what you think :D


looks like the crow is breakdancing or something, or a poor atticus ripoff

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