One second...


make the chick naked

Watch this

umm i think you need to make the birds in different flying positions and ditch the cage.


cop/ pasted scattered birds....played.


Make the chick naked sitting on the ground with her legs open, (side view) and have the red birds flying from between her legs. That would be a legendary shirt.


i like it but then i don't. i think its the cage... it needs to go. or be made into a fancy looking one. too boring and throws everything else off. and yes to the position of the birds being changed.

Johnny Deluxe

similar to "Flowers In the Attic"...which is an awesome shirt...but this on is less creative, not to mention original. it just seems less comfortable and less natural.



I think the cage is important, but I think maybe the colors could be different? i think the birds would be pretty in a cool blue or purple, but then again, maybe that's just me. '
good idea, i think it's awesome. i know why the caged bird sings.

ic shiznit

I kind of like the idea that xneophytex had... think it would be hysterical.

But, in regards to this design, I think it's close but it needs detail in the cage and variety in the birds. good stuff.

artchimp profile pic Alumni

i say lose the woman, and make the cage smashed on the ground, like the birds escaped on their own... i agree about adding some variation to the birds.

maybe you could leave one bird in the cage, a different color from all the rest?


redo it-make it with ONLY birds rising from one of the bottom corners but first make the birds look better too

i think that would be really nice


Maybe if all the birds weren't in the same position


the birds could fly straight into a giant lions mouth! nearly there though


beautiful but maybe if u want the theme "freedom" then u should have made the lady in the design naked


Did she just drop that floating cage made of MS Paint?

Scattered red flying things has been done as well. Maybe just one bird?


I like the idea of the design...but the cage doesnt match the rest of it...maybe because the birds and the lady are solid color and the cage not sure...i also think the lady's arms are too long...maybe not sure...i would buy it if you fixed it up a bit though


this shirt makes me want to fly away... fly far away and never buy this shirt. good idea, bad BAD design. and when will people learn... white shirts are usually BAD 98% of the time

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you fucking suck

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