Just Say NO to Idiots

  • by batbanana
  • posted Feb 15, 2005

YES! SO COOL!!! On the red shirt, the no symbol is hiding, isn't it? Poopy. i like the blue shirt best then. I LOVE that dude.

Watch this

I would put the text very small under the image...otherwise no one will get it.

Crooked Tongues

wicked, would be cool with the title on there somewhere, but could possibly clutter it a bit as well... would poss buy this!


Too many colors.


hes escaping!


Love the illustration, could have done without the sign.


Ha ha. I love it.

I looked at the shirt before I looked at the title, and was like... "what in the hell...?", but when I read the title I almost spit coke. :)


f'n nice... $5


Too many colors, yes, but extremely well done.


I like it with the X out and without any text. It takes a little thought, but your target audience will figure it out. WAY COOL! 5 + buy.


that is one beautifully drawn idiot, 5$


I will take your advice and say no to idiots
NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you probably don't get that because you are an idiot so i will explain it.... you are an idiot for these reasons 1. for taking the time to draw 2. actually thinking it was good. 3. posting it on a website where there are actually good t-shirts (unlike yours) the one and ONLY reason i like this shirt is because the kid is wearing a hat with a long bill, just like in sandlot. Sandlot is a very good movie.


With a name like mullet22 you're probably the idiot I'm saying "hell no" too...

burn in hell


ummm mullet22...can i get some of what you are on?


mullet=joe dirt.rock on dude. model for the shirt mad because his royalties are paid in chaw. 4

El Scorcho

This shirt gives plenty of people reasons to beat me up:

Those Abercrombie pukes

The FFA kids

and those fake punks that where trucker hats and listen Good Charlotte.

But I like. 4


ditch the , wait whats it even called? the "no" sign?


The "no sign" is like half of the whole design..ditch that and we wouldnt even have a shirt..now would we.........whatever


Love it in light blue, great illustration!


Sick ass Illustration grim... and fuck a mullet ass dipshit.


it's a very clever design but the aesthetics just aren't workin for me. that kid is just too ugly, even if that's what you were going for.

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