• by tnemele4
  • posted Jan 31, 2005

Be a Good consumer and vote for this shirt!

Watch this

The grenade is rendered well, and looks expecially good on this color; however, the layout & typogragphy are lacking. Try moving things around and maybe changing the typeface to a filled-in stencil style.

megadan profile pic Alumni

really cliche and uninspired -0-


This almost could work as a ad shirt. That's not a bad thing, just an observation.

The grenade looks good, but the text should drop the side bars and be filled in. I'd try to put it on a different color shirt other than olive drab, give a more consumer cue than just the word. Maybe a hazmat yellow or blaze orange. Something other than black,white,olive, and red.

I like the message. I wonder how this would look with the pin out and the handle(is it called a spoon?) somewhere beside it. Give it a bit more urgency. But that's another shirt.


One thing I disliked, the placement is messy, will get lost under a jacket or tuck-in. Makes it much less versatile. Plus, casual arm movement will obscure it.

mepushingbuttons profile pic Alumni

i stopped consuming and i almost died! but then i found my grenade again and i was okay.


I don't like the typography, as well. The gernade is well done.
This seems.. as megadan states.. very cliche. I want to see some more heart into this.

Shawn Carney

i agree. not much thought went into this i have a feeling. BLEH

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