• by suse
  • posted Jan 28, 2005

sweet image, i'd look 20x better on diff. colour though, i like the one with only one girl on it

Watch this



hi. you copied this image from optigan. bye.


I can assure you I have never heard of optigan before or even visited any site associated with optigan.


all these "copying" accusations that occur on this site are pretty funny.. has it ever occured to some of you that we're not always 100% original? I've thought of things that I thought were unique to me only to find out a month later that someone else has already done something very similar...we're all human with essentially the same interests and sources of inspiration.

this tee is cute, though i dont like it all huge on the shirt.. the smaller version on the side is nice tho. 3


The smaller T is how the shirt will actually be printed. The larger shirt shows two images, one shows the placement of the image and the larger image is there as a close up of the design.

Thanks guys! vote big!

olympic profile pic Alumni

yeah i saw that before... yep on 2K



thank you for giving me that link, I had never seen it before.

I am an Art teacher, and I am in all ways adverse to plagrism in all it's various forms.

I came across this image when working with some printmakers at a University here in Australia, I saw the image and asked if I could use it. I was not aware that it was not an original design. Therefore I must withdraw this entry from the competition.

Thanks guys for being so vigilant!



can't go wrong with cheerleaders - plagerised or not!
great tee

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