the elephant

  • by dhuddles
  • posted Jan 24, 2005


Watch this

Kung Foo=instand 5 and buy!

Silent Bobb

why's he holding his nose? that's too distracting for me. too bad, because this is perfect other than that.


yeah it looks like he's doing praniyaam or something


I'd love it even more with a splash of color...


the head seems disproportionately large on most of those guys. is that why it's the elephant?

Johnny kickers

COMMENT ON MY SHIRT GUYS!! its like on the 12th page or something so i have to spam to get ppl to comment... otherwise no one will see it.. so please give ur comments!


Very cool Tee...I love it and would definately buy it!


loose the circle


something about the illustration as a whole that puts me off balance! In great design you have a rule called the Design Proportion and the Golden Section.. in the design it feels like you've put them in the right place just to make it fit together.. but I feel a lack of balance, even in the 'order'


yea loose the circle....


wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwatĂ !
nice! :)




really nice one!
/me is listening go kung-fu fighting

i'd definitly buy it!


hm....I doubt that it is a good idea to loose the "holds everything together" , I think...without it, this design "untidy"...
And to the idea behind this submission:
In the bottom of the design you see 3 different "kung-fu-styles" : (from left to right) the tiger, the crane and the snake! And in the top there is a new one: THE ELEPHANT, that stands above the others. It should be understood like an hommage to kung fu...and the different cool styles.


...and a little bit as a "mocking" of these... :o)


fantastico - I fell in love with this shirt ;)
and I really want to BUY IT... so vote for it plzz :)


i like it, but i think that the proportions problems bother me too much.. also, something really reminds of the star wars a new hope logo. but, it's interesting... just rework the heads abit.


Awesome work with the clothing. The posing has me at a loss, but overall pretty slick. I'd scale it down 10 or 20% more if the detail still works, but if not, leave as is.



yes, the circle is not loose enough.

anyway, nice illustration, but would not wear it.


ehhhhhh...not a big fan. the illustration is just weird


where is the middle guy's legs?!?! he has invisible pants or something... and he looks kinda... hollow. i can't picture someone wearing it, but interesting idea.

Poisson Baton

the guys heads are too big... other than that i like it


man, this is one of the few shirts this time out thats getting a 5. i normally wouldnt give this a 5, because the heads are so out of proportion, but god the other shirts in the running make me wanna puke.

people should stop giving 0's. lazy lame asses.

FM profile pic Alumni

You're very talented in illustration, but lacking in design. The four figures are crammed in the middle of the shirt, one color on generic blue shirt. Then an awkward circle is fencing the figures into an even tighter composition. If you were able to pull it off without the cramming, then it'd be great.


looks cool, would definately buy


Is it just me, or is the top guy giving the universal "dude, you farted" sign to the figure on the left?


there something wrong with the head ,but love it


Love it, i want to do the the elephant 5 and buy

the other side

great job on the illustration but remember this is a design site. This has no design value what so ever. kung-fu theme is played out in my opinion

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