Broken Dreams

  • by Balty
  • posted Jan 23, 2005

Inspired by The Album Leaf

-I understand it may look like a conor oberst (i.e. bright eyes) shirt, but it is not

Watch this

Wow... I love the idea... just not the color... would still buy it though. 5 + buy.


haha i actually thought it looked like a saddle creek band shirt when i first saw it, it's nice though


I like the colors, but maybe put some text under it. If somebody had that on, Im not sure it's clear what the message is. 5 and buy though.


it reminds me way too much of that bright eyes shirt.


????What? need more ditails and this white lines is rain or what?


broken dreams? uhh, I think you just need some new strings buddy. And get that cat hair off the shirt. Not everyone likes cats.


That's really great. Good concept and pleasing to the eye.


...Bright Eyes?


don't make a shirt that looks exactly like the bright eyes shirt. zero.

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To all the comments about it looking exactly like the bright eyes shirt:

I understand that they have a similar look, but if the fact that a violin and rain automatically makes it the same shirt then strike me down and punish me for copyright infringement.


HEY FUCK YOU EVERYONE WHO IS SAYING IT LOOKS LIke the bright eyes shirt good job on noticing you fucking idiots! good job tb. :)


AHHHHHH!!! I LOVE IT forever! YOU SO TOTALLY rawk FOR COMING UP WITH THAT IDEA! rain could be improved upon, however, MOST EXCELLENT!


I like it. Simplicity and all. More color variations for the shirt, though. 5&B.


yeah just work on the rain and maybe alternate color. other than that, two thumbs up

PastorOf Mupputs

i would definently buy it if it said "broken dreams" somewhere very small!! without the title a lot of it loses some of its glory


Thats exactly what I thought when I saw it.....Conor Oberst.

But I love the Bright Eyes tees, so initially I adore this.


i like it without text, if you're going to add text, somewhere unique and very small.. maybe some more background colors.. but i think it looks fine, including the rain. it may be a t-shirt, but it's art too, and not everyone has to represent rain the same way everytime.


LOVE THIS. Definitely don't think it loses anything by not having text. Not a huge fan of that particular tee color, but if there were other options, definitely would buy. 5.


I adore this shirt...if I would have been able to rate it I would have gone 5 and buy!


Damn it.. how do you msg someone on Threadless. I'm trying to get ahold of BALTY.

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