it just takes some ingenuity

  • by smalltown
  • posted Oct 14, 2005

i'll be the first to admit that i've never seen a single episode of macgyver. all i know about it is that the hilarious richard dean anderson plays macgyver.

but that doesn't mean i can't still love this shirt.

i mean seriously, we've ALL been in that situation where all of a sudden there's no more toilet paper and we're not quite done with our business. this shirt brings up an excellent question: what WOULD macgyver do?

maybe if we knew the answer the world would be a better place.

but probably not.

Watch this
tesko profile pic Alumni

He'd use his boxer shorts. Boring, but Macguyver dosent fuck about.


"Here I sit among the vapor.
Someone stole the toilet paper.
How much longer shall I linger.
Before I'm forced to use my finger?"


"take it like a man and wipe it with your hand"


My friend is obsessed with that show, and she bought the shirt today with my referral. It will be the only one she will buy from here.
She'd prebably know what he'd do, because she is basically worshipping him in the back of her closet everyday.

She forbide me from viewing it with my unworthy eyes, so I shall never have the honour of seeing it first-hand, though.


I really wish I could actually purchase this tee but it's no longer being printed!


You never saw MacGyver? Where the hell have you been you're whole life?


Well, considering the fact that I was born in '85 and therefore wasn't that old while MacGyver was on TV...

I really didn't watch much else besides cartoons and crazy old episodes of Star Trek when I was younger. And Reading Rainbow.

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