god frequency

god frequency is when there at two different frequencies played one on the left ear and the other on the right these two opposing frequencys make a third frequency in the mind which is said to put you into a complete state of relaxation ... i thought it would be cool to make a tee about it

Watch this

Cool concept, but I don't feel relaxation. I feel Christian mind warp. Jesus' new haircut is fine; quite dapper. Sauve God.


lostallsympathy: Why do you think that's supposed to be Jesus? And what does it matter? You don't know what He looks like anyway.

Anyway, it's an interesting concept, but the picture doesn't really relate the information, so I think you'd end up having to explain it a lot.


Thanks for the comments
lostallsympathy: jesus has visited the barbers his hair was too long for the hot sun.

the haijin: i wasn't concerned with the picture relating to the concept more just the general thing to look at it and see god frequency is ment to say a sound of high standard, the reason for my explanational comment was just to educate i thought it was cool how i got to designing the tee.

thanks again for the comments


This is an amazing tee, great concept great design keep it up, hope it wins cause il buy it!!!!



Hallelujah! Nice tee, wish I could zoom in though, 'cause I'd like to see a lot of the detail of the illustration...

Keep it up mayne.

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