The Good Fight

  • by SNLObsess
  • posted Jan 17, 2005

You have serious guts to put the cross in there, and I salute you for that. :) 4!

Watch this

fight the good fight for/against christianity and audio reproduction artifacts?


This shirt could be mediocre, or really horrible, depending on your meaning behind it. I still don't know that I'd use a cross, especially one that could only be a religious cross and not just a design...


...oh, I'm pretty sure that's a re ligious cross. Designers, what's the meaning behind your shirt?


it looks like a christian design to me. i like that. i'd definetely wear this


i know the headphones are from a font. iv'e seen the sterio before also


pretty sure theyre icons from webdings or some other symbol font. what the meaning of the cross? there's no flow in the design at all.


I asked the creator what she meant by the shirt, and she said, "...pertaining to my shirt design on threadless, it's actually about christian music. lately, there has been a rise in christian rock music and i guess that's just what my design is about."


fight the good fight...............and a cross........????!!!! easy there.


what fight might that be? the fight against christian rock?


i'm up for that...

christian rock gives me the creeps!


they all look like fonts


if I had money I would buy this shirt for my friend who's against religion and defends for evolution theory all the time


If the good fight is against christian rock, then I'm in. If it's against organized religion I"m definitely in. If you're just saying "Hooray for christians" I'm out. Those people spend too much time patting themselves on the back as it is....


I would wear this anywhere, Christian Rock is awsome, stand up for what you belive in.



sorry just if it didnt have the cross i might buy it


if lelebelle is correct about your intention with this design, and you do not mean to say "support christian rock" rather you are commenting on its rise in popularity, I am afraid the shirt doesnt express that clearly enough. you should know also that you are adorable.

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