I like it a lot, but the arms need more defenition.

Watch this



This is Sick! $5 on green.


really great design... but i m not sure about the colour...


nice design should have distressed it so its more old skool!

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isnt that the beans cover?


Looks good on green, loses definition on the darker colours. I'd like to see it on some other bright backing colours.


i dig the background...not sure about the dude though...
and either way, i think the background and foreground styles need to be more uniform. they seem similar at first, but at second glance its like you realize they totally arent...

and dude=needs sharpening. hes blurry, but thats easily fixable.

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I used the help of a Beans photo when creating the "dude". It's not the Shock City Maverick cover but likely from the same photo shoot. Thanks for the comments,


his arms only need some fixing. it's an awesome shirt. it has an urban feel to it. i'd buy it, just fix the arms.


I think if you take the color out of the bommbox it would be a really great design. good jorb! 4 (5 and buy if no color in the boombox)


I actually got more hung up in the fact that the shirt moves 1 pixel, when you change color, than the design itselve :P

I think the dude wil be more visible if you made the text darker, so it will blend more with the shirt color.

Christina the Great

The guy in the image doesn't stand out as much as he should. Maybe make the text a bit darker? I really like this image on brown.

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