goodbye blue sky

  • by leahm
  • posted Jan 10, 2005

I love the powerful message here that makes you think, leaving it up to us to interpret. I would definitely buy it!

Watch this

i disagree. there really is no powerful message here that makes you think; its the lack of a message that makes you think; it pretends to have a message to pretend to make you think; so that you feel it is conceptual and powerful art; when really, it is just a flag with no red lines. it's kind of nice though.


basically what i meant there was that there is no message, so you might have to think what the message is, but since there isn't one,,, well yeah.


yeah, so im canadian.


I thought there was a message too, but then I realized that there never was a blue sky.


i made this design so that it leaves a lot of room for different interpretations. to me, "blue sky" represents hope. this is somewhat an anti-america/etc concept - so, yeah.


creative message pictured


i would appreciate constructive feedback on how to improve the design, if any. thanks!

boreas this for a band? it looks like its for a band....


ain't bad.. kinda plain but hell, its not bad anyway


I like that the shirt is peaceful and serene, yet the text is kind of ominous.
Very cool. I'd like to wear it.


i really really love it. definite buy


i think you should bring the entire graphic up towards the colar more...

or maybe even just another place altogether, maybe at a slant with something accenting it. i dont know

... i take it as... U.S. pollution+the environment= goodbye blue sky


that is the coolest thing since color t.v.


the tee is very bland and feels like post 9/11, nobody'd want to buy it.. maybe if you removed the one liner, it'd look nice with just the flag and that cloud.


I really like it! I think its open to interpretation . I can see why people would see it as a band (maybe due to the idea of a band name/logo), but being the analytical person I am (ha) I also see the post 9/11 element to it...
It also has a 'retro' look to it, with the simple colors...I like that effect.

I hope thats constructive for you...remember, your the one that can't make bad art if you tried :-)


thanks for the comments - i appreciate it all.


I really like it but I'm not american so maybe that helps in this case?

If I had to give a suggestion i guess you could try the text much smaller, maybe in white and running inside the bottom line of the flag on the left.


dump the text. try to make one for that canadian dude too. just cuz hes a flippin kanuk doesnt mean he doesnt matter... only less


i'm serious. I would definitely wear it. i think it does have an anti-american sentiment, what with "hope" being gone and all, but I think it looks too cool not to wear. I wonder how the blue colors would look on various different color t-shirts though, like black or gray.


to me 'blue sky' means we still have a sea.



it reminds me of the pink floyd song, and for that, i like it even more.


you mean...the bush administration is destroying the environment?? but...but he cut down those trees to SAVE the forests from fires... and i thought i saw him pat a bunny in a blue state campaign video once...


Pink Floyd <3 buy & 5


Goodbye blue sky
I won't see thee anymore
With Bush in power
You are gone forevermore


I like the design, the shades of blue, the font (neutral on the "message), and I really dig the cloud coming up in the corner.

Also, this might just be, but something about the stars seems off. Like they are too small for rest of the flag. Not sure though.

Overall, a lovely design.



Also, this might just be ME, but something about the stars seems off.


maybe if the cloud was a storm cloud instead?


I only, only, only say this since you asked for constructive criticism on the design, k? I like the simplicity of colors- the way the white cloud stands out ...The criticism is: I'd like to see the stars changed so that they frame up with the stripes ... I know that's not how it would be on a flag but you're playing around with the boundaries of what a flag looks like anyway ... if the stars came out to the edges of the imaginary rectangular boundaries I think that would be better. I would also like to see a different font for the lettering, something less stark. The things I like most are the colors you used and the white cloud within the stripes, that looks really really cool. Again, I only criticize because you asked, otherwise I'd just comment on the positives! :)


i love this. it's cute. simple. i'd definitely buy it.


thanks - i really appreciate this. i see what you and the other dude mean about the stars. i'll toy around with the image and see if it's any better. again, thanks :)


it is a bit too depressing for me. I have enough to be depressed about and i dont need anymore so i wouldn't buy it.


i like the message and the use of colours, but it being a flag (of any country) is too political for me.

it reminds me of a Lennon song...


reminded me of the ELO song, "mr. blue sky"


Love it!


pink flyod!!


Reminds me of "Goodbye Sky Harbour" by J.E.W.

The sky isn't blue because of the ocean. They proved that on Myth Busters like, 15 years ago.


i voted 5 & would buy it. am loving it.

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