Training Day

  • by Suminator
  • posted Jan 06, 2005

NOTE - I was just playing with a question - what could be hanged down the shirts collar, and I came up with a training bag, and of course there is a mean boxer doing his best... Just having fun...

Watch this

cool..... makes me think of nintendo in a good way (1988)


poor punching bag! what did they ever do to us?


that's cool as hell. i'd wear it.


the uh boxers face is kinda poor. his teeth kinda go past his lip


love it. if it were available in colors other than black, i'd buy it in a heartb eat.


Street Fighter II. Dhalsim. blech.

Jew Turn

Dhalsim was freaking awesome! How dare you blech him. I bet this has something to do with anti-islamic rhetoric.

As for the shirt, I dig it although the face is kinda weird when you close-up on it...

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