Sleep with the Enemy

  • by FM
  • posted Jan 04, 2005

Works with a number of shirt colors,

hand drawn at three times this resolution so please zoom in for details.

Watch this

i love it on everything but the burgundy, khaki and pink.

i just wish there was a bit more definition between the two first i didnt even notice the snake.

lovely anyways, though. id like this.

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Love how the animals also make the infinity sign.


I love it, especially on the khaki...the snake could use less hairy lines and more clean ones.


FERRETS! ahhh... awesome concept.


i love ferrets...


well i'm not sure if you meant the furry one to be a ferret or a mongoose, because they look quite similar, however it does look more ferrettey in color/hair quantity. so, if this is supposed to be a ferret, it doesn't make as much sense because mongooses or mongeese or whatever their plural form is, are the ones who kill snakes, and would be moreso their enemy than ferrets. so. i'm not sure if you're the confused one, thinking it's ferrets that battle snakes, or that everyone else is the confused ones and you meant it to be a mongoose. i'd say, either try to make it more mongoosey looking and less ferrety or just set people straight.
also, mongoose/ferret issue aside, this is one of the best shirt's i've looked at thus far.

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i meant for it to be a young mongoose.


looks like a ferret, hun.

I still like the concept though--4


Rikki-tikki-tavi! I agree with Loogy and Sassmuffin about the detail on the snake.


very cool concept, the style of illustration on the mongoose is awesome! and i immediately understood what it was meant to be . . . but it does look more like ferret to me than a mongoose and i think that if you smoothed out the illustation of the snake a little bit it would help to differentiate between the two. but great design and i give it a 5 if for nothing else, all the great work that you put into the illustration. well done!!!

ps i think the khaki looks best


Nice - Ferrets are cuter than, uh, mongeese(?)
I like the execution.


so scared of ferrets. and mongoose.


^mongeese? mongooses? mongoosae? whatever.

i like the ferret/snake.
is there some ulterior meaning that i should be getting?

i like it on pink. five&buy. for sure, it's awesomeness with sleeves. literally. yay for you!


PUt it on black and it's the best I've seen this morning. Otherwise, 5&B.


the colors hurt my eyes for some reason.


i like the ferret. the snake's a little tough to discern.


Mongoose and snake! That's awesome! Awww. I like the blue best.


yes! the mongoose and cobra! the epicest of animal battles!


I loved riki tiki tavi as a kid. its still one of my favorite movies. Personally i think that the cobra needs to look more like a cobra.
Nice job id buy

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