Ooh! That MAN!

this is way too simple.

Watch this

absolutely no idea what you r trying to say


I thought about making it more complex, but complex jumbled patterns seem to be the cliche at threadless,so I thought I'd try something different.

I'm not saying anything.

punk_emo_etc..- absolutely no idea what you r trying to say


love this. simple and elegant [well, as elegant as a tee can be...] would definitely buy it in pink. or black with a white foreground


This is a good illustration. Simple. Understandable. Cute.

What's not to get? Good work.


simple = good (not always, but almost)


Grey is the best.


i like it :] maybe it's just my own personal simplicity ^_^


I'm glad that some of you like it. I knew this design was really simple, but I figured I'd give it a shot anyway.


I have a dumb question maybe someone can answer- after scoring is done, how long does it usually take to find out if the powers that be at Threadless have chosen your design? I mean, I have quite a few designs that I'm fairly certain will not ever be picked up, but I may choose to use them myself.

Any clue?


don't know, but i like the shirt too. she's upset. that's why she has the little squiggly above her... i think. anyway, im tired of complex stuff that makes too much sense. weirdo is cool.


i love it in pink. and i heart silhouettes.


Really like it.


i like it in yellow its simple but id rather wear a simple shirt than one that all filled with a mess
good job


People know my girlfriend is mad at me from the bruises. I don't need a shirt to tell them.

Cute graphic, but I'm not lost on the feeling it's trying to convey.


from the bruises on me*. I should clarify.



wow. this is more actual votes than I've ever received on a design. Of course, I've also noticed that the higher the votes, the lower the actual score :(


In response to michaelpatrick's 3:06pm comment: complex doesn't mean jumbled and meaningless. I really don't like the designs that are very busy just for the sake of being busy - I agree with you on that. But complexity doesn't inherently mean pointlessness...generally if there is a simple design with a good idea and a more intricate design w/ a good idea, I gravitate towards the latter. Just my 2 cents.


Oh, I don't have anything against complexity either. I just gravitate toward simpler designs becaus I'm too lazy to do all that complex stuff with hearts and drips and flying giraffes.


I love it. The simplicity makes it perfect. A little late for it to become a t-shirt, but if it had, I would have bought it.

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