The chase...

i wish the the style of the mouse, cat and dog were more congruent with the cheese block. Like a few thin interior lines, a more realistic outline - it just feels like two styles. The chees is fucking awesome. The animals feel like lame atempts at aztec art. I fuckin love the idea and really want to click 5 -i'd buy - but the animal illustrations don't hold up against the cheese. Feel free to contact me if you want.

Watch this

Precisely what I was thinking. When I see that last animal I keep thinking of those stupid mambo designs ...


the images remind me of another artist's work... i'm not sure if it's legit enough to pass off </3


It is very Keith Haring


awesome. id buy it.

Dr. Chocolate

the image should be reversed, so the cheese is the last thing you see


yes...its sort of a take off of keith harings barking was an assignement in a drawing class to take an artists work and extend it. Ive been bored over christmas break so i decided to try it on a shirt. reversing the order is a good sugestion. Thank you for all you comments.


I've just seen somewhere the dog.... :)


is this not a rip-off.... of style at the least?


i didnt like the concecpt... i'm sorry, but it's too week...
try again


if I wanted to buy this hirt I would just go to Keith's popshop


I never was a big fan of keith harings. Way too early 90's looking for my likes. I'd have to look at his stuff again, but i'd say this could be a bit of a legal problem since it isn't really a parody in any way.


too Haring...


this shirt is bordering or even crossing the artistic style of keith haring. anyone who buys this shirt might as well have bought it from the popshop.


nice. it seems like ive seen this somewhere before though, but other than that its cool.


a bit copy cat , do not underestimate the art of harring


dont fucking bite haring. thats fucking lame.


... yeah I like it - pity about the potential copyright infringement from
1. Mambo - PooShooter
2. Haring .. pick a desgn!


There is a line of surfer shirts that uses this same style. I like the idea, it is fun, but this doesn't seem original enough to call "your own". Maybe just work on the style of the artwork a bit to make it unique.


I think that if the ideas of rahulioizm, in the first post, were implemented, it would take care of all the possible "copying."
either way,i love the shirt. i'd buy. pity so much hype about it being copied and stuff. looks great.

Dr. Mathers

It's such an obvious Haring ripoff I've got to give it a 0. But it's a good idea. Would love to see you rework it in your own style. If you did that and resubmitted it I'd rate it much higher.


love it, expand on the concept for later designs


What does the cheese get to eat? It is kinda Keith Haring-ish. I like it though!


If you are gonna rip Haring, you HAVE to go ALL the way. Vacillating between a 1/4 and 3/4 rip just doesn't seem PURPOSEFUL enough.

mezo profile pic Alumni

I knew an old lady who swallowed a fly....


too obviously ripped.
if it was by haring i'd buy, but no. sorry.


Not a fan of blatant intellectual property theft myself.


you people are fucktards! I realise its a take off of a keith harring design...I SAID THAT IN A POST ABOVE! It was an assingment for a class..

seriously...dont fucking post comments if you dont have design suggestions.

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