Top Gun

  • by Ersh
  • posted Nov 03, 2004

I planned tthis idea for the High Voltage but it is late:) Oops! I don't think it is the fresh theme. But it seems to be interesting for shooter games fans

Watch this
Novaburn's gotta make sense to the viewer as soon as they see it....if I have to think about it too long then forget about it. if I just dont get it then atlest make the picture eye catching....good effort!


This is neat!
Get rid of some yellow inside where the trigger is, and you have a buy.

Ava Adore

seems very out of proportion or something just looks wierd.
ok idea though.


the design is pretty cool but i dont like how its so close to the neck and the wire leads up through there


nice image. I'd take the top gun text off though a put more into the artwork. could be better


less detail...


a really cool idea, very clever and cute. the placement is wierd, with the wiring leading into the neck, and the yellow around the trigger is a bit too much. i'd still buy it as-is.


i wish it didn't say top gun. i'd SO buy it if it didn't say top gun. but, it's really freaking cool.

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