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  • posted Oct 18, 2004

i adore them

Watch this

How do penguins go with the high voltage logo?


They look like they know what's going down.... 3/5


not very good i'm afraid.


have something else instead of the high voltage sign. Some other random object that has nothning to do with penguins.

arn't those the penguins from that book, Mr. Poppers Penguins?


designer here...answering questions...

a) they DON't go with a high voltage logo (which is the general idea)
b) while I've read Mr. Poppers Penguins, unless that illustrator worked from the same source file as I did (which I somewhat doubt?) then they are not the same.
c) I guess I shoulda submitted this in flash as the expresison in the penguin's eyes is what makes this work.
d) (my english grammar is) not very good
e) i'm afraid (of sharks)


mr fish

nah, it is too random and the penguins are too not quality


i love penguins but I cannot see what they have to do with high voltage....


i just really like the penguins.


penguins are good for budweiser commercials and billy madison, not high voltage software...sorry

j()n j()n

im so diggin the penguins ...but lose that high voltage sign in the pOoket...then it would be marvelous



loose the "danger" logo


forget about the high voltage with the penguins


YES! the sign is covered in snow. (i guess 'The Day After Tommorrow' WAS a lousy movie after all...)

...but if it took 14 comments and 394 scores for someone to catch the same vision I had, then i missed the mark.

Thank you all for the input; I'm working on improvements (including a zoom and differing colours).


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