lord o' flies v2.

the second version of the 'lord o' flies' - whatever shall the large black beastie do? who knows!

Watch this

i adore this very much. this definitely deserves to be printed


move the little flys away from the armpit

but this shirt has me laughing.
i'm giving it a i'd buy
but i'm giving it a3 because of the placement.


i agree, when worn, the flies wont bee seen, move them in. maybe move the big fly to the bottom to still keep the distance.


this shirt would be even more awesome if it had a huge rotting sow's head on a stake right in the middle of it.

mr fish

yeah, this is kinda better, and armpit flies would kinda be funny
but yeah....dumbos won't like this shirt....assertion justified by my immense ego


im laughing...i like it


how do flies even fight.


with their probiscus and limbs, presumably...

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