Guns for Peice

these days it seems like you need guns for peace, this is my first submission, i have another version of this but instead of grenades its uzis

Watch this

really cool, its nice to see a t shirt with a legitimate message and some thought behind it. you get a 5.


wow, nice job, I would make the grenades stand out a little more, I didn't even see them until I read your explanation. But otherwise, nice job man....


HOLY CRAP..... at first glance i hated this design (sorry i know hate is such a harsh word) but then I looked closer and i was so pissed at myself..... GENIUS........................................


dope design


i think making the grenades NOT stand out is a good decision, because if your mind noticed the weapons first and THEN the peace sign i dont think it would get the message out as much.

it is refreshing to see a tee that actually has body


yeah nice concept. I'd like to be able to see the grenades a little easier too.
I'm not sure if it's a good message you're sending out, but it's a true one (at least it's what the prez thinks huh!)


very cool. x5


I'm a sucker for one colour simplicity...

...very cool


yeah m,an, real cool...but do u know u spelled peace wrong?? 4.5


awesome awesome awesome


god is almighty, he can banish lucifer, but not terrorists

god is not powerful enough, so i will muder the evil for him

kill for peace


whoa nilla cool your jets bra, to tell you the truth i never have seen that shirt in my life. i wasnt trying to copy and especially take the idea. i looked at the url you sent me and yeah its the same thing basicly, but theirs is so cluttered and sloppy. next time try a less negative approach to a situation like this and mabey you wont look like such a douche bag. cant wait to rate a shirt of yours. remember, karma is a bitch.


p.s- thank to all those who dig what i did. i appericate all the positive feedback and wonderful points you gave me. keep an eye out for more stuff i have coming.


idlehand, those aren't Uzis. Those are definitely MP5s, and and M16a2. (Not sure about the A2 part, but the stock is longish like the A2)


i know, instead of grenades circling the perimeter i had a version where there where uzis, in this version there are mp5's and an standard issue m-16


Absolute genius. Pure and simple. Simplistic. Makes a statement. I love it. Print me up 12 dozen. :-)

never_an_idlehand, do you freelance? I have a couple of projects that I think you might be interested in.


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seen it before. a dude in this seasons real world rocked it.


Wow...this is really trite and meaningless. are so deep.

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