Hang On... v.II

Version two of 'hang on...' I've fixed up the color choices and negative space.

Watch this

I actually think this is pretty cool for a simple phot manipulation.


I think it would look uber cool if the background was green. I'd buy it though!


This is a great design. I loved it the first time around, and I love it even more this time. I love the subtle improvements. I want to buy it!


please clean up the image


i wish i could see how each color would look but hmm instead of that teal maybe a sky blue and a green too.


like it, but i would put it in the midle and make it smaller




i love the design!! it´s so great!
i come from germany, we have a small youth club here and i want to ask you, if i can have the design for a logo of the youth club... it´s not commercial!! just for a homepage or maybe some flyer from little concerts, partys etc. which we make there...
i will make a new homepage and i will be so happy when i can use this design for our logo on this page! it fits so great for a youthclub, a stylish girl who plays...

please write me back on info@jugendhausOST.de

i would be so grateful!!!!!


Cool! I really like this one a lot!
I think to would look best on khaki or green.


i like this a lot


I remember liking it more the first time. But here's the thing: I liked it a lot before I saw her shoes. I looked at it at first as a little girl/young girl. The shoes ruin the image and make her look like an angsty teen. In my opinion, a younger looking girl or the same girl with different shoes would be much better.


i love it and the color choices r good! i think id pick the first blue. great job!!


I like. But I still think it would be better if there was some sort of a skin tone. Not neccesarily a natural skin tone, just something to flesh it out a bit. (haha, pun)


di u take the pic yourself?

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