bashful snail

  • by fritok
  • posted Oct 01, 2004

i wanted the blush on the snail to really be a light read and the eyes to be black. if i can have the eyes black, i would choose lighter colors for shirts.

Watch this

Very cute. I think i'd prefer it a bit if the slime were something other than OMG GREEN. Perhaps just outline it in black, that way it looks like a trail across the color of the shirt, and you could have your black eyes while staying within 4 colors.


I agree with ]-[x]-[. Nice design, but play around with the colors a little more.


slugs look more and more like bone-less bunnies to me day by day. i'd like the placement more toward the bottom of the shirt.


I concur with ]-[x]-[. Great design (really, I dig it a lot), but the green trail is too much.


I like the design but I can only image myself wearing it on a dark shirt in order to have the colors stand out more.


dark green or turquoise

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just to let you know ....snails and slugs eyes are supose to be on the "antena" you made


i really like the light green and the rest are nice too


thanks for the critiques soooo far.
hmm let me review them:

1. i like the idea that ]-[x]-[ gave me, that would really help in my color conundrum
2. yes it was a very odd coincidence that we both did snail/slug ideas.
3. well yeah, their eyes are supposed to be on their antenae, but i thought i would lose that cuteness i was trying to show?
well i don't really know. do you guys want the eyes on the antenae? please respond.


less colors would be better. I like that they kinda look like bunnies though.


its so cute. it reminds me of me and erik. lovely job once again fritok.



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